Indices display three main categories of entries attested in the Greek texts of the inscriptions: Words, Names, Other Characters and Features.

Section Words gathers together, with minor exceptions (articles, conjunction καί, particles μέν δέ γε τε), all the attested Greek terms arranged in alphabetical order. Section Names groups seven main units of proper names: Personal Names, Names and Epithets of Rulers, Names and Epithets of Divine Entities, Offices, Place Names and ethniques, Months, Festivals.

Under the label Other Characters and Features Numerals – Alphabetic, Acrophonic, Cyrenean System – and Symbols are listed.

  • Words
    • Names
      • Personal Names
      • Names and Epithets of Rulers
      • Names and Epithets of Divine Entities
      • Offices
      • Place Names and Ethnics
      • Months
      • Festivals
    • Other Characters and Features
      • Numerals - Alphabetic
      • Numerals - Acrophonic
      • Numerals - Cyrenean System
      • Symbols - Punct
      • Symbols - Dipunct
      • Symbols - Tripunct
      • Symbols - Years
      • Symbols - Mna
      • Symbols - Dracma
      • Symbols - Unit