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British Museum, 1127.77.


Small marble relief representing from right to left: Apollo seated on rocks with lyre in left hand, right foot placed on the omphalos, then a large tripod, a seated gryphon and a bearded herm; broken off at the upper right angle, from Apollo's waist upwards (0.268; 0.222;0.09).


Inscribed in two lines on the lintel below the relief.


0.008-0.014, not very carefully cut, the first word of line 2 in larger letters; cursive epsilon, sigma and omega.

Place of Origin



Probably third century A.D. (lettering)


Found in 1860 by Smith and Porcher at Cyrene : Temple of Venus .

Last recorded Location

Observed by J.M. Reynolds at an unknown date in London : in the British Museum

Present Location

No autopsy by GVCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from photograph and from J.M. Reynolds notes (CDL).


Hirschfeld-Marshall, 1916 , p. 1062. Cf. Smith-Porcher, 1864 , n. 72; BMCatSc , n. 1438bis, fig. 11; Vitali, 1932 , p. 29; Huskinson, 1975 , n. 15; Stucchi, 1981 , p. 105.


| καθαρὸν δίκαιον πισστὸν ἀλαθὲς | πνεῦμα θεοῦ

σωτῆρος Ἀπόλλωνος


French translation

Pur, juste, digne de confiance et véridique est le souffle du dieu sauveur Apollon.

English translation

Pure, righteous, trustworthy, true, the breath of saviour god Apollo.

(J.M. Reynolds' unpublished translation)

Italian translation

Puro, giusto, fededegno, veridico è l'afflato del dio salvatore Apollo.

(trad. S. Stucchi leggermente modificata)


Smith and Porcher, commenting on the relief, mentioned the inscription as 'number 34'. However, this can be found neither in the chapter about the inscriptions nor in the plates showing drawings of all other inscriptions. The first reading was published by Hirschfeld-Marshall, 1916 , p. 1062.

The word πνεῦμα, in relation with the sculpture, hints at the prophetic function of Apollo.

Metrical analysis: tentatively, we suggest the following analysis. Verse line 1 is a iambic trimeter with a penthemimer caesura. The remainder consists of three substituted feet with no pure iamb left. This might be allowed on behalf of the divine name Ἀπόλλωνος.

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