Trismegistos ID: 738136

Source Description


Two fragments from sides of skyphos, Attic black figure ware (estimated diameter 0.084).


Very crude scratched on both sides on two lines running one upon the other on fragm. b.


0.006-0.09; very awkward lettering, straight iota, espilon with three equal bars.

Place of Origin



Between 500 and 480 B.C. (monument-type)


Found between 1963 and 1965 at Taucheira : archaic votive deposit .

Last recorded Location

Seen by J. Boardman in 1965.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from editors (CDL).


Boardman-Hayes, 1973 , n. 2172 (ph., dr.).


fragment a
τᾶι Δά[ματρι ---]  ΤΑΣ[---] 
fragment b
[---] ΔΕ[---]  [---] Ν̣Τ̣Ι̣ΟΣ[---] 


a.1+b.1 Boardman-Hayes, 1973  τᾶι Δά[ματρι---] [τάν?]δε

a.2+b.2 Boardman-Hayes, 1973  τᾶς[---] ν̣τ̣ι̣ος (Boardman)

French translation

a. À Dèmèter  [---] .

b. Intraduisible.

English translation

a. For Demeter  [---] .

b. Not usefully translatable.

Italian translation

a. Per Demetra  [---] .

b. Intraducibile..


Hayes, in Boardman-Hayes, 1973 , p. 48, says that graffiti run on both sides, whereas Boardman, in Boardman-Hayes, 1973 , p. 85, takes fragm. b, which runs under a handle, to follow fragm. a, but without any indication of the possible extent of the missing part. Thus it seems more cautious to present them separately.

In fragment b, letters of ll. 1 and 2 are crossing one another, so that the reading is very hazardous.

On the whole, the only clear element is the very plausible dative of Demeter's name.

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