List of names of unknown origin


Trismegistos ID: 113374

Source Description


Stele, probably of white marble with a simple upper moulding on three sides, already chipped off above in Pacho's time, broken off below (dimensions unknown).


Inscribed on front face, aligned along the left margin, with some gaps between lines.


Height unknown.

Place of Origin



Ca. 340 B.C. (prosopography)


Copied by P. Della Cella (1817) at Cyrene : near the Fountain of Apollo .

Last recorded Location

Copied by J.-R. Pacho in 1825.

Present Location

Now lost.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors (CDL).


CIG 5146, from Della Cella, 1819 (= Della Cella, 1912 , pp. 145-146) and Pacho, 1827 , vol. 2, pl. 62, 2 and vol. 1, p.392 (Letronne); SGDI 4835 (Blass). Cf. Tod, 1948 , n. 203; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 67-68, 132; Marengo, 1991 , pp. 114, 228; Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , p. 60; Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , pp. 251-252.


Ἄριστις Φἰλων[ος] Γόργος Κ̣ωμάρχο[υ] Βίμβων ΛΛΙΡΟΥ Ἄριστις Λαϊάδα (vac. 1 line) 5Στράτων Ἀριστέα Ἡ̣ρόφαντ̣ος Ἑ̣ρμοδώρου Φίλων Θευτίμω Πάταλλος̣ Ἀριστίωνος Δαμόστρατος Ἁγησάρχω 10Ἐ̣πίν[ι]κος [Πρ]ατόλα Σωσ{π}ίας Πράτιος Φίλων Ἀγάθ̣ωνος Εχθ̣απ̣αν Αὐτοφίλο[υ] Ἀλέξανδρος Μενάνδρω 15Ἀλέξανδρος Ἁγήσιος Θευτέρπης Πρατόλα Ἰάσων Χιραυρα Δᾶμις Λευκάσπιος Δέξις Φ̣ερεγγύω 20Ἀλεξίμαχος Κομάτα Φ̣ιλόκωμος Ἀριστάρχω [....] Ω[c. 12]  Συνναίων Αἴ[σχρ]ωνος (vac. 1 line) Κεφαλίων Ἀ̣υτοκλεῦ[ς] (vac. 1 line) 25[Θ]εμί[σ]ων Ἀρ[ισ]τομένευ[ς] Σθ̣ένων Χαρ̣ικλεῦς Ε̣ὐηθίδας Ἐπιγένευ[ς] Κρίν[ιπ]π̣ος Φ̣ι̣λοκώμω (vac. 1 line) Νε̣ί̣κι̣ππος Θ̣αλ [c. 3 - 5] 30 [.] ένω̣ν Πτολεμ̣[αίω c. 5] ΤΣ [c. 7 - 8]


1 Ἄριστις : Della Cella, 1819  ΑΡΙΣ (already lost in Pacho's time)

2 Κ̣ωμάρχο[υ] : CIG  [Κ]ωμάρχ[ω] (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819  ΟΩΜΑΡΧΟ : Pacho, 1827  ΙΩΜΑΡΧΟ

3 Pacho, 1827  ΛΛΙΡΟΥ : Della Cella, 1819  ΛΑΤΙΟΥ (perhaps Λαιάρ̣χ̣ου?)

5 Della Cella, 1819 , Pacho, 1827  Ἀριστέα (both copies) : Fraser-Matthews, 1987  Ἀριστεῦς (probably Reynolds's suggestion)

6 Ἡ̣ρόφαντ̣τος : CIG  Ἡ̣ρόφ̣α̣ντ̣ος (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819  ΝΡΟ++ΑΝΓ+Σ : Pacho, 1827  ΠΡΟΥΛΝΙΟΣ || Ἑ̣ρμο- : CIG  ΕΡΜΟ- (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819 , Pacho, 1827  ΙΡΜΟ- (both copies)

8 Πάταλλος̣ : CIG  Πάταλλος̣ (Franz) : Pacho, 1827  Πάταλλο

10 Marengo, 1991  Ἐ̣πίν[ι]κος : CIG  Ἱππ̣[ό]ν[ι]κος (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819  ΙΠΙ ΚΟ : Pacho, 1827  ΙΠΙΝ[.] ΚΟ

13 Dobias-Lalou, 2000  Ἐχθ̣απ̣αν : CIG  Ἐχθ̣ατιάν (tentatively suggested by Franz)

17 CIG  Χιραύρα (tentatively suggested by Franz) : Della Cella, 1819 , Pacho, 1827  ΧΙΡΑΥΒΑ

19 CIG  Φ̣ερεγγύω (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819  ΙΕΡΕΓΓΥΩ : Pacho, 1827  ΡΕΡΕΓΓΥΩ

23 Αἴ[σχρ]ωνος : CIG  Αἴ[σ]ωνος (Franz) : Pacho, 1827  ΑΙ [c. 3 - 4]ΩΝΟΣ

25 CIG  [Θ]εμί[σ]ων (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819  [..] εμι[..] ων : Pacho, 1827  [.] εμι[.] ων

26 CIG  Χαρ̣ι- (Franz) : Pacho, 1827  ΥΑΨΙ-

27 SGDI  Ε̣ὐηθίδας (Keil ap. Blass) : CIG  Συηθίδας (Franz)

28 CIG  Κρίν[ιπ]π̣ος (Franz) : Pacho, 1827  ΚΡΙΝ++ΓΟΣ || CIG  Φ̣ι̣λοκώμω (Franz) : Della Cella, 1819  ΙΙΛΟκώμω : Pacho, 1827  ΠΛΟκώμω

29 Marengo, 1991  Νε̣ί̣κι̣ππος : CIG  Ν[ί]κι̣π̣π̣ος (Franz) || Θ̣αλ [c. 3 - 5] : Della Cella, 1819  ΟΑΛ : Pacho, 1827  ΟΛΩ

30 [.] ένω̣ν : CIG  [Ξ]ένων (Franz's reading, but [Μ]ένων would also be possible) || Πτολεμ̣[αίω] : CIG  Πτο[λεμαίω] (Franz) : Pacho, 1827  ΠΤΟΜ : SGDI  Ἱπ[π]ομ- (Blass)

31 (letters of that line, seen only by Pacho, not mentioned in CIG nor SGDI)

French translation

Aristis fils de Philôn, Gorgos fils de Kômarkhos, Bimbôn fils de  [---] , Arisitis fils de Laiadas, Stratôn fils d'Aristéas, Hèrophantos fils d'Hermodôros, Philôn fils de Theutimos, Patallos fils d'Aristiôn, Damostratos fils d'Hagèsarkhos, (10) Epinikos fils de Pratolas, Sôsias fils de Pratis, Philôn fils d'Agathôn, Ekhthapan fils d'Autophilos, Alexandros fils de Ménandros, Alexandros fils d'Hagèsis, Theuterpès fils de Pratolas, Iasôn fils de Khirauras, Damis fils de Leukaspis, Dexis fils de Pherengyos, (20) Aleximakhos fils de Kômatas, Philokômos fils d'Arsitarkhos, [------]   , Synnaiôn fils d'Aiskhrôn, Kephaliôn fils d'Autoklès, Thémisôn fils d'Aristoménès, Sthénôn fils de Khariklès, Euèthidas fils d'Epigénès, Krinippos fils de Philokômos, Neikippos fils de Thal [---] , (30)  [---] énôn fils de Ptolémaios,  [---] .

English translation

Aristis son of Philon, Gorgos son of Komarchos, Bimbon son of  [---] , Arisitis son of Laiadas, Straton son of Aristeas, Herophantos son of Hermodoros, Philon son of Theutimos, Patallos son of Aristion, Damostratos son of Hagesarchos, (10) Epinikos son of Pratolas, Sosias son of Pratis, Philon son of Agathon, Echthapan son of Autophilos, Alexandros son of Menandros, Alexandros son of Hagesis, Theuterpes son of Pratolas, Iason son of Chirauras, Damis son of Leukaspis, Dexis son of Pherengyos, (20) Aleximachos son of Komatas, Philokomos son of Arsitarchos, [------]   , Synnaion son of Aischron, Kephalion son of Autokles, Themison son of Aristomenes, Sthenon son of Charikles, Euethidas son of Epigenes, Krinippos son of Philokomos, Neikippos son of Thal [---] , (30)  [---] enon son of Ptolemaios,  [---] .

Italian translation

Aristis figlio di Philon, Gorgos figlio di Komarchos, Bimbon figlio di  [---] , Arisitis figlio di Laiadas, Straton figlio di Aristeas, Herophantos figlio di Hermodoros, Philon figlio di Theutimos, Patallos figlio di Aristion, Damostratos figlio di Hagesarchos, (10) Epinikos figlio di Pratolas, Sosias figlio di Pratis, Philon figlio di Agathon, Echthapan figlio di Autophilos, Alexandros figlio di Menandros, Alexandros figlio di Hagesis, Theuterpes figlio di Pratolas, Iason figlio di Chirauras, Damis figlio di Leukaspis, Dexis figlio di Pherengyos, (20) Aleximachos figlio di Komatas, Philokomos figlio di Arsitarchos, [------]   , Synnaion son of Aischron, Kephalion son of Autokles, Themison son of Aristomenes, Sthenon figlio di Charikles, Euethidas figlio di Epigenes, Krinippos figlio di Philokomos, Neikippos figlio di Thal [---] , (30)  [---] enon figlio di Ptolemaios,  [---] .


It has been argued that Ἄριστις Φίλωνος (l. 1) and Σθένων Χαρικλεῦς (l. 26) could be the victorious dedicants of IGCyr016900, here probably officers of lower rank. Whence a date about 340 B.C. ( Laronde, 1987 , pp. 67-68, 132, also citing Oliverio). However, Fraser-Matthews, 1987 (probably upon J.M. Reynolds’ opinion) gives IV/III as date for all names, except that of l. 1. One argument against a higher date could be the non-dialectal endings –ου at ll. 2, 3 and 13, but O in both copies might also be misread for Ω. Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , pp. 251-252 gives some arguments against the mentioned identification of Sthenon and suggests with caution that this might be a list of priests.

Names Βίμβων (l. 3) and Πάταλλος (l. 8), which are read by both travellers, are not known elsewhere.

At l. 13 a Libyan name Εχθαπαν is a conjectural reading justified by Dobias-Lalou at Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , p. 60.

At l. 17, it seems possible to suspect a Libyan name behind the mysterious Χιραυρα, but no parallel exists up to now.

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