Trismegistos ID: 738185

Source Description


Marble base with plain mouldings (1.18; 0.66; -).


Inscribed on front face between the mouldings.


0.01; careful letters with serifs.

Place of Origin



Second or first century B.C. (lettering)


First copied by P. Negri, Sardinian consul in Tripoli, in 1827 at Cyrene .

Later recorded Location

Seen and copied by J. Cassels in 1954 at Cyrene , South Necropolis , tomb S 4 (unpublished information up to 2005).

Later recorded Location

Seen by A. Laronde in 1974 in situ (for epigraphy).

Last recorded Location

Seen by L. Cherstich before 2003 in situ (for the whole tomb).

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors (ER).


CIG 5164 (Franz), from copy of [Negri]; Letronne-Bourville, 1848 , pp. 374-375; Vattier de Bourville, 1850 , p. 858; Beschi, 1970 , pp. 202-203; Masson, 1975 , pp. 222-223. Cf. Thorn, 2005 , p. 206 (diplomatic copy from Cassels' notebook); Cherstich, 2006 , pp. 110-111, whence SEG , 56.2032, 2; Thorn-Thorn, 2009 , p. 206 (more complete information from Cassels' notebook).


Μεγὼι Ἐχετίμω


1 Masson, 1975 , Thorn, 2005  Μεγὼι (Thorn's reading from Cassels' archive) : Beschi, 1970  Μεγὼ : Letronne-Bourville, 1848  Μι[κίπ]πωι (Letronne) : CIG  Μ[νασ]ὼ̣ (Franz)

French translation

Megô fille d'Ekhetimos.

English translation

Mego daughter of Echetimos.

Italian translation

Megò figlia di Echetimos.

Arabic translation

ميقو ابنة إخيتيو


Neither Vattier de Bourville's copy nor Letronne's publication were known to Franz for the publication of CIG , vol. III. There is a mention in the addenda in CIG , vol. IV.

This inscription was not identified by De Cou, although a photograph in the Norton archive, here published for the first time, shows it. So there is no mention of it amongst the corrections to CIG appended by Robinson, 1913 .

From Cassels' notebook, published by Thorn, it appears that the former had identified the base and insisted that he had the exact reading. Masson had independantly supposed the right reading.

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