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Source Description


Two adjacent fragments of a large marble base with mouldings of egg and dart on top and below and a hole for attachment on the upper face, broken off long since; fragment a preserves the whole width at rear (dimensions from Laronde's sketch of fragment b: 1.16; 0.68;0.86).


Inscribed on front face between the mouldings (fragment a 0.715; 0.355;); symmetrically laid out along vertical axis.


ca. 0.05; serifs; slanting sigma

Place of Origin



First half of third century B.C. (lettering)


Fragment b copied by J.-R. Pacho in 1825 at Cyrene .


Fragment b copied by P. Negri in 1827 at Cyrene .

Later recorded Location

Fragment b seen by H.F. De Cou in 1911 (photograph available at http://www.newpaltzwebworks.com/norton-inscriptions/40.jpg).

Later recorded Location

Fragment b seen by J. Cassels in 1954 at Cyrene , South Necropolis , tomb S1.

Later recorded Location

Fragment b seen and copied by A. Laronde (at undefined date) in situ.

Last recorded Location

Both fragments found by O. Menozzi in 2009 at South Necropolis , in the courtyard of tomb S1.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous partial editions and recent photographs.


Part b: CIG 5169 (Franz) (part), from Pacho, 1827 , pl. 65, 2 and copy by [Negri], Sardinian consul in Tripoli (n. 6); SGDI 4864 (Blass); Cassels, 1955 , p. 34, tomb S1; part a not previously published.


|Φί|λων |Δά|μιος


French translation

Philôn fils de Damis.

English translation

Philon son of Damis.

Italian translation

Philon figlio di Damis.

Arabic translation

فيلون بن داميوس


Although having got from both origins two different copies, Franz (followed by Blass) brought together this inscription and IGCyr008250, just because they seemed to bear the same names, which in fact are both very frequent at Cyrene and there is no need to consider both bases as one and the same. Moreover, there is no clue that they belong to the same tomb.

We know since Cassels that fragment b was to be seen in the courtyard of tomb S1. Excavations conducted in 2009 by O. Menozzi and the archaeological mission of the University of Chieti in that tomb brought to light fragment a.

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