List of soldiers


Trismegistos ID: 738223

Source Description


Lower part of a white marble stele, carefully recut on top and broken off on the right and below on both sides (0.52; 0.082-;0.22).


Inscribed; from l. 4 on, all names begin near left margin, so that in the space left at right two pairs of names were added besides ll. 4-6.


0.015 (added names 0.014).

Place of Origin



Ca. 330 B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1928 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo, East of the Temple of Apollo .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1983 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo, in pronaos of the Temple of Latona .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1930 , pp. 182-183, n. 9, whence SEG , 9.49. Cf. Lazzarini, 1987 , whence SEG , 37.1665; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 121, 131-134, whence SEG , 38.1876; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 85-128, whence SEG , 38.1881; Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , p. 243.


- - - - - - [---]  [λοχαγέντος] τεθρίππων Δάμιος Κλευθέμιος Λόχος ἀπὸ τᾶς ἐπ' ΙΣΕΣΙ μάχας· Δᾶμις Κλευθέμιος 'Ἰάσων Κλευθέμιο[ς]' 5Ἀρισταγόρας Φιλίππω 'Κλευγένη[ς]' Παραιβάτας Χαίνυος 'Θευμάνδ̣[ρω]' Ἀριστώνυμος Φίλωνος Ἀμμώνιος Εὐμήλω Νῖκις Μίμνιος 10Κλεύμβροτoς Εὐπολέμω Ἀριστοκλῆς Εὐπολέμω Πολύθρων Ἀριστίππω Ἄκανθις Θαλιάνθευς Πολύαρχος Λευκάσπιος 15Ἀντίμαχος Τεισιμάχω Νίκανδρος Καλλίππω Ἁγησίστρατος Θευκρισίω Θεύδωρος Θευκρισίω Θεύδωρος Μελανίππω 20Θεύχρηστος Μελανίππω Ἄρχετος Θευκρισίω Κάρνις Θευχρήστω Σῶσις Ξηνοφάντω Εὔκαρπος Ἀνδροσθένευ[ς] 25Δεξίδαμος Ἅγιος Πόλων Στράτωνος Λέων Χαιράδα Ἀντίφιλος Σωγένευς [Σ]ωσίας Ἀνδροκλεῦς 30[Πολύ?]τ̣ιμος Φιλίππω [Λεύκα?]σπις Φιλίππω [c. 6] ος Ἀγλωμάχω [---] ος Τιμάρχω [---] η̣ς Ἀντικ 'ρά' τε[υς] 35 [---] υτίμω, [---] ένευς [---] ι̣ος [---] ι̣ος [---] ο̣ς 40 [---] ς - - - - - -


1 [λοχαγέντος] : Oliverio, 1930  [λοχαγῶ]

French translation

 [---]  [commandant] des quadriges: Damis fils de Kleuthémis. Compagnie du combat à Isesis/Sesis: Damis fils de Kleuthémis, Iasôn fils de Kleuthemis, (5) Aristagoras fils de Philippos, Paraibatas fils de Khainus, Kleugénès fils de Theumandros, Aristônymos fils de Philôn, Ammônios fils d'Eumèlos, Nikis fils de Mimnis, (10) Kleumbrotos fils d'Eupolémos, Aristoklès fils d'Eupolémos, Polythrôn fils d'Aristippos, Akanthis fils de Thalianthès, Polyarkhos fils de Leukaspis, (15) Antimakhos fils de Teisimakhos, Nikandros fils de Kallippos, Hagèsitratos fils de Theukrisios, Theudôros fils de Theukrisios, Theudôros fils de Mélanippos, (20) Theukhrestos fils de Mélanippos, Arkhétos fils de Theukrisios, Karnis fils de Theukhrestos, Sôsis fils de Xènophantos, Eukarpos fils d'Androsthénès, (25) Dexidamos fils d'Hagis, Polôn fils de Stratôn, Léôn fils de Khairadas, Antiphilos fils de Sôgénès, Sôsias fils d'Androklès, (30) [Poly]timos fils de Philippos, [Leuka]spis fils de Philippos,  [---] os fils d'Aglômakhos,  [---] os fils de Timarkhos,  [---] ès fils d'Antikratès, (35)  [---]  fils de  [---] ytimos,  [---]  fils de  [---] énès,  [---]  fils de  [---] is,  [---]  fils de  [---] is,  [---] .

English translation

 [---]  [leader] of four-horses chariots: Damis son of Kleuthemis. Company of the fight at Isesis/Sesis: Damis son of Kleuthemis, Iason son of Kleuthemis, (5) Aristagoras son of Philippos, Paraibatas son of Chainus, Kleugenes son of Theumandros, Aristonymos son of Philon, Ammonios son of Eumelos, Nikis son of Mimnis, (10) Kleumbrotos son of Eupolemos, Aristokles son of Eupolemos, Polythron son of Aristippos, Akanthis son of Thalianthes, Polyarchos son of Leukaspis, (15) Antimachos son of Teisimachos, Nikandros son of Kallippos, Hagesitratos son of Theukrisios, Theudoros son of Theukrisios, Theudoros son of Melanippos, (20) Theuchrestos son of Melanippos, Archetos son of Theukrisios, Karnis son of Theuchrestos, Sosis son of Xenophantos, Eukarpos son of Androsthenes, (25) Dexidamos son of Hagis, Polon son of Straton, Leon son of Chairadas, Antiphilos son of Sogenes, Sosias son of Androkles, (30) [Poly]timos son of Philippos, [Leuka]spis son of Philippos,  [---] os son of Aglomachos,  [---] os son of Timarchos,  [---] es son of Antikrates, (35)  [---]  son of  [---] ytimos,  [---]  son of  [---] enes,  [---]  son of  [---] is,  [---]  son of  [---] is,  [---] .

Italian translation

 [---]  comandante delle quadrighe: Damis figlio di Kleuthemis. Compagnia della battaglia a Isesis/Sesis: Damis figlio di Kleuthemis, Iason figlio di Kleuthemis, (5) Aristagoras figlio di Philippos, Paraibatas figlio di Chainus, Kleugenes figlio di Theumandros, Aristonymos figlio di Philon, Ammonios figlio di Eumelos, Nikis figlio di Mimnis, (10) Kleumbrotos figlio di Eupolemos, Aristokles figlio di Eupolemos, Polythron figlio di Aristippos, Akanthis figlio di Thalianthes, Polyarchos figlio di Leukaspis, (15) Antimachos figlio di Teisimachos, Nikandros figlio di Kallippos, Hagesitratos figlio di Theukrisios, Theudoros figlio di Theukrisios, Theudoros figlio di Melanippos, (20) Theuchrestos figlio di Melanippos, Archetos figlio di Theukrisios, Karnis figlio di Theuchrestos, Sosis figlio di Xenophantos, Eukarpos figlio di Androsthenes, (25) Dexidamos figlio di Hagis, Polon figlio di Straton, Leon figlio di Chairadas, Antiphilos figlio di Sogenes, Sosias figlio di Androkles, (30) [Poly]timos figlio di Philippos, [Leuka]spis figlio di Philippos,  [---] os figlio di Aglomachos,  [---] os figlio di Timarchos,  [---] es figlio di Antikrates, (35)  [---]  figlio di  [---] ytimos,  [---]  figlio di  [---] enes,  [---]  figlio di  [---] is,  [---]  figlio di  [---] is,  [---] .


At l. 2, the name of the officer is unusually at the genitive case, so should be also the name of his office, restored at l. 1. As the name of the company and of the men who were members of it follows at the nominative, we find it plausible that instead of the usual noun for 'officer' there stood a participle describing his position and forming an absolute participle phrase.

Another oddity of this list is that a place of battle is mentioned, either because the very men mentioned here fought there or because that glorious battle gave its name to the company forever. The place is unknown and does not seem to have a Greek name. Its transcription into Greek is dubious, the more so that the preposition ἐπί may be elided or not. So the name might be either a singular Ισεσις or Σεσις or even a plural Ισες.

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