Honorary inscription for Kallimachos on occasion of the telesphoria


Trismegistos ID: 5997

Source Description


Dark grey marble base broken off above, below and at right of front face (0.56; 0.26;0.38); with holes for attachment of a statue on top.


Inscribed on front face.


Height unknown; slight serifs, sigma with parallel outer bars, very small omicron, phi with flat and small loop.

Place of Origin



Last quarter of third to first quarter of second century B.C.


Found in 1927 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo, North of Altar of Artemis .

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor (CDL).


Oliverio, 1929 , p. 130, n. 8, fig. 20, whence SEG , 9.66.


[Καλ]λ̣ί̣μ̣αχον Λ̣υ̣[σιμ]ά[χω Λ]υσίμαχος Λύσι[ος Ἀ]ρταμίτια τελεσφορήσ[ας] ἀν̣έθηκε.


2 Λύσι[ος] : Oliverio, 1929  Λ̣υ̣[σιμ]ά[χω]

French translation

(La statue de) Kallimakhos fils de Lysimakhos a été consacrée par Lysimakhos fils de Lysis après qu'il eut acccompli la telesphoria d'Artémis.

English translation

(The statue of) Kallimachos son of Lysimachos was dedicated by Lysimachos son of Lysis, after having accomplished the telesphoria of Artemis' feasts.

Italian translation

(La statua di) Kallimachos figlio di Lysimachos è stata dedicata da Lysimachos figlio di Lysis, dopo che aveva completato la telesphoria di Artemide.


At the end of l. 3, the restoration of the formula is sure and gives a clue for the number of letters lost at end of l. 2, where Oliverio's restoration is obviously too long. We suggest the very common name Λῦσις, which is coherent with the names on use in that family. If we are right, the dedicant was not the brother of the honoured man, as Oliverio's restoration would have implied. He might rather be his father.

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