Tithe for Apollo after naval victories


Trismegistos ID: 738226

Source Description


Grey circular marble base with one bigger and two smaller hollows for attachment on top (height 0.335; diameter 0.67).




Lines 1-2 0.022, lines 3-6 0.015; careful letters without serifs.

Place of Origin



Between 330 and 325 B.C. (prosopography)


Found at an unknown date at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo, in front of Temple of Apollo .

Last recorded Location

Seen in 1977 by C. Dobias-Lalou in Shahat : in front of Department of Antiquities office.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1933-1936 , pp. 94-96, n. 59 (ph.), whence SEG , 9.76; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 66-68, whence SEG , 38.1895. Cf. Tod, 1948 , n. 203.


Ἄριστις Φίλωνος Ἀπόλλωνι δεκάταν τὰς τριήρης τὰς ἔλαβον ἐγ Κυράναι τῶν πολεμίων· σὺν Σθένωνι ναυάρχωι ἐγ Χερνάσοις μίαν, 5σὺν Καλλίππωι στραταγῶι ποτ᾿ ἀῶ μίαν, σὺν Ψάφωνι ναυάρχωι ἐν Εὐεσπερίδεσσι μίαν.


French translation

Aristis fils de Philon (a consacré) comme dîme à Apollon les trières prises sur les ennemis, une avec le navarque Sthénon à Khernasoi, une avec le stratège Kallippos du côté du levant, une avec le navarque Psaphon à Euhespérides.

English translation

Aristis son of Philon (dedicated) as a tithe to Apollo the triremes taken from the enemies, one with admiral Sthenon at Chernasoi, one with general Kallippos towards the East, one with admiral Psaphon at Euesperides.

Italian translation

Aristis figlio di Philon (ha dedicato) come decima ad Apollo le triremi prese ai nemici, una con il navarco Sthenon a Chernasoi, una con lo stratego Kallippos verso oriente, una con il navarco Psaphon a Euesperides.


The date of this inscription is deduced on prosopographical grounds by Oliverio, partly followed by Laronde, who nevertheless argued against Oliverio's idea of victories in the war against Thibro and preferred a slightly earlier date.

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