Dedication to Apollo by Aristonymos


Trismegistos ID: 738233

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 207 (unpublished fragment) and 293.


Two adjacent fragments of a rectangular blue-grey marble block broken off at right; both fragments may be joined at rear (0.315; 0.09;0.095).


Inscribed along the upper ridge.



Place of Origin



Between the second half of the fourth and the first half of the third century B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1928 at Cyrene : in the Southern angle of the furnace in the Trajanic Baths .

Last recorded Location

Seen in 1976 by C. Dobias-Lalou in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Fragment b: Oliverio, 1930 , p. 172, n. 6 (ph.), whence SEG , 9.88; Oliverio, Taccuini inediti , XX.33, whence again SECir , 136 as unpublished; Marengo, 1985 , whence SEG , 36.1461. The unpublished fragment a is added here.


|Ἀρισ[τ]|ώνυμος ⋮ Τ[---]  |τῶ[ι Ἀ]|πόλλωνι ⋮ [---] .


1 ᾿Αρισ[τ]ώνυμος : Oliverio, 1930  [Σ]ώνυμος (without knowing the initial fragment) : SECir  [Εὐ]ώνυμος (without knowing the initial fragment)

2 [Ἀ]πόλλωνι ⋮ [---]  : Oliverio, 1930  [Ἀ]πόλλωνι ⋮ [δεκάταν]

French translation

Aris[t]ônumos fils de T [---]  (a consacré) à [A]pollon  [---] .

English translation

Aris[t]onymos son of T [---]  (dedicated) to [A]pollo  [---] .

Italian translation

Aris[t]onymos figlio di T [---]  (ha dedicato) ad [A]pollo  [---] .


The missing word at end might be either ἀνέθηκε "dedicated" or δεκάταν "as a tithe", which was preferred by Oliverio, 1930 , but is not unescapable. In fact the squeeze shows a very tiny part of the upper angle of a letter that might be either an alpha or a delta; this cannot help to decide between the two possibilities.

With a very careful layout the tripuncts of lines 1 and 2 are strictly corresponding to each other. Consequently the father's name was 7 characters long, whichever the word lost at line 2.

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