Honors of the priestess Aristokleia


Trismegistos ID: 6004

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 56.


Left half of white marble panel broken off at right, with a hole for attachment in the left margin (0.13; 0.11;0.05).


Inscribed on the face: each line centered.


0.015; letters with serifs.

Place of Origin



Second century B.C.


Found between 1914 and 1915 at Cyrene : Enclosed sanctuary of Demeter and Kore .

Last recorded Location

Seen in 1979 by C. Dobias-Lalou in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Ghislanzoni-Oliverio, 1915 , p. 218, whence SEG , 9.104; Marengo, 1991 , pp. 496-500, whence SEG , 41.1697; Reynolds, 2012 , p. 206 n. B.1, whence SEG , 62.1796.


Ἀριστόκλε[ιαν c. 9]  ἱαριτε[ύοισαν] Γαλέστας [c. 9]  ἀνέ[θηκε].


1 Ἀριστόκλε[ιαν] : Ghislanzoni-Oliverio, 1915  Ἀριστοκλε[ῦς] : Marengo, 1991  Ἀριστόκλε[αν] : Reynolds, 2012  Ἀριστόκλε[α]

2 Ghislanzoni-Oliverio, 1915  ἱαριτε[ύοντος] : Reynolds, 2012  ἱαριτε[ύοντα]

3 Γαλέστας : Reynolds, 2012  Γαλέσιας (obviously a misprint)

French translation

(La statue d')Aristokleia [fille d'un tel], qui exerçait la prêtrise, a été consacrée par Galestas [fils d'un tel].

English translation

(The statue of)Aristokleia [daughter of So and so], who was priestess, was dedicated by Galestas [son of So and so].

Italian translation

(La statua di)Aristokleia [figlia del tale], che era sacerdotessa, fu dedicata da Galestas [figlio del tale].


Marengo rightly objected to Ghislanzoni's restorations and proposed to have a woman's name at l. 1 rather than a man's name and to see in her the honoranda .

As the stone was found in Demeter and Kore's sanctuary, the most natural solution is to link the participle at l. 2 with the woman's name, without the deities being explicitly mentioned.

Reynolds, 2012 , who does not know Marengo, 1991 , takes the name at l. 2 for the masculine Aristokles at the accusative case, leading to a highly improbable priest of Demeter.

For the name Γαλέστας see Minon, 2005 .

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