Trismegistos ID: 738237

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 379.


White marble rectangular base much worn out on all sides (0.39; 0.23;0.28).


Inscribed on the face, each line aligned along the left edge.


0.0022-0.0025 at l. 3, smaller omicron between pi and rho.

Place of Origin

Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo .


Between 360 and 350 B.C. (prosopography)


Found before 1925 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo , amongst the filling material of hypocausts in the Trajanic Baths .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1977 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Ferri, 1925 , p. 33, n. 7, and Oliverio, 1932-1933 , pp. 175-176, n. 52, whence SEG , 9.123. Cf. Stucchi, 1981 , p. 107, whence SEG , 31.1576; Laronde, 1987 , p. 103; Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , pp. 165-166.


Ἐπὶ Μελανίππω· ἀπὸ σκυλακίων, ἀπ’ ὀρνίχων.


French translation

Sous (la prêtrise de) Mélanippos, avec les revenus des chiots et des oiseaux.

English translation

Being (priest) Melanippos, thanks to the revenues from puppies and birds.

Italian translation

Sotto (il sacerdozio di) Melanippos, grazie ai proventi dei cuccioli di cane e degli uccelli.

Arabic translation

فترة (الكاهن) ميلانيبوس، شكر لأجل العائدات الناتجة عن بيع الجراء والطيور.


The eponymous priest might be the priest, son of Aristandros, known from IGCyr012400 (see Laronde, 1987 ).

Laronde, 1987 , p. 103, after Oliverio, 1932-1933 , speaks of a dedication to Hekate, about which see commentary at IGCyr020900.

Stucchi, 1981 , p. 107 does not seem to give a convincing explanation about syntax and meaning of lines 2-3.

The inscription only tells the origin of the expense made for the monument (for the use of the preposition, see Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , p. 166).

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