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Trismegistos ID: 738283

Source Description


White marble stele, reddish from earth, with plain moulding on top (0.29; 0.88;0.25).


Lines 4 to 9 were probably inscribed first, then lines 10-13 and eventually lines 1-3.



Place of Origin

Cyrene : perhaps North Necropolis .


End of second or beginning of first century B.C. (lettering)


Copied by J.-R. Pacho with other epitaphs from the North Necropolis .

Last recorded Location

Seen by G. Oliverio before 1930 in the mid-level plateau below Cyrene : at Sidi Omran , where it had probably been brought in the meantime.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors (CDL).


CIG 5148 from Pacho, 1827 , pl. LXV.8 and Sardinian consul in Tripoli; SGDI 4860; Oliverio, 1933-1936 , p. 121, n. 131, fig. 86, whence SEG , 9.243.


Πρᾶξις Π [c. 4 - 6] Θ̣ράσος ΑΣ Σω[σάν]-δρω 𐅹 (ἐτῶν) ο´. Αὐτοκλῆ[ς] 5Ἀριστάρχ[ω], Σώσανδρ[ος] Αὐτοκλεῦ[ς], Πρᾶξις Σωσάνδρω. 10Πρᾶξις Νέωνος, Νέων Νέωνος.


1 Πρᾶξις Π [c. 4 - 6] : Oliverio, 1933-1936  Πρᾶξις Π[ρα]- : CIG  Πρᾶξις Τε[λέα?]

2 Θράσος ΑΣ Σω[σάν] (from Oliverio's drawing) : Oliverio, 1933-1936  Θράσος Σω[σάν] : CIG  Πρᾶξ[ι]ς Τι[σάν]

French translation

Praxis fils de P [c. 4 - 6]. Thrasos AS(?) fils de Sosandros, âgé de 70 ans. Autoklès fils d'Aristarkhos. Sôsandros fils d'Autoklès. Praxis fils de Sôsandros. Praxis fils de Néôn. Néôn fils de Néôn.

English translation

Praxis son of P [c. 4 - 6]. Thrasos AS(?) son of Sosandros, 70 years old. Autokles son of Aristarchos. Sosandros son of Autokles. Praxis son of Sosandros. Praxis son of Neon. Neon son of Neon.

Italian translation

Praxis figlio di P [c. 4 - 6]. Thrasos AS(?) figlio di Sosandros, di 70 anni. Autokles figlio di Aristarchos. Sosandros figlio di Autokles. Praxis figlio di Sosandros. Praxis figlio di Neon. Neon figlio di Neon.


This stele was inscribed at different times and the latest mentions at lines 1-3 might be of Roman time.

In #fraser-matthews, all names are registered with date I B.C./ I A.D., a date which might apply only to ll. 1-3.

Oliverio's idea that a first mention Πρᾶξις Πρά|ξιος was first inscribed on ll. 1-2 with the letters of l. 2 centered, cannot be ascertained from his drawing. Non liquet .

What seems convincing in Oliverio's drawing and reading at line 2 is the name Thrasos at left and perhaps at the end of the line something that would be the beginning of the father's name ending at line 3: Σω[σάν]|δρω, a name that occurs twice again below and might be traditional in the family. However, there remains a senseless ΑΣ in the middle of line 2.

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