Dedication to Zeus Melichios and to the Eumenides


Trismegistos ID: 738304

Source Description


Cut on the natural rock wall (dimensions not registered).


Inscribed on three lines, perhaps independant; only line 1 (width 0.69) was still visible in 1982, and pehaps line 2, partly wiped out.


Height not registered; widely open mu.

Place of Origin



Perhaps fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1923 at Cyrene : Ain Hofra .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1982 in situ (line 1 and perhaps 2).

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Ferri, 1923 , n. 2, whence SEG , 9.327. Cf. Forbes, 1956 , whence SEG , 16.872; Lazzarini, 1998 , p. 311.


[Ζ]ε̣̣̄νὶ Με̄[λιχίōι], Εὐμε(νίσι) Εὐμ(ενίσι) Δάμας.


1 [Ζ]ε̣̣̄νὶ : SEG  [Ζ]ηνί

3 Εὐμ(ενίσι) Δάμας : Ferri, 1923  Ευμ(ενίδων)Δαμασ(ιστράτω) (personal name completed exempli gratia) : SEG ,  Εὐ⸢ρυ⸣ δάμας

French translation

À Zeus Mélikhios et aux Euménides. Aux Euménides Damas (a consacré).

English translation

To Zeus Melichios and to the Eumenides. To the Eumenides Damas (dedicated).

Italian translation

A Zeus Melichios e alle Eumenidi. Alle Eumenidi Damas (ha dedicato).


Δάμας being a good personal name, it is probably associated at line 3 with an abbreviated form of the name of the Eumenides, as it is just above and also in other inscriptions of this group at Ain Hofra.

Differently from nearby inscriptions, this one was cut directly on the rocky cliff and not associated with an altar. Another difference is the dative case of the divine names, indicating a formula of dedication.

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