Trismegistos ID: 738377

Source Description


Lower part of a sandstone stele broken off obliquely from upper left to lower right (0.33; 0.35;0.10); a hole is cut through the base for a peg to hold it upright.


Inscribed inside a simple raised border.


0.04; alpha with dropped bar; perhaps pre-Roman (J.M. Reynolds)

Place of Origin

Ptolemais : West Necropolis .


Perhaps end of second or beginning of first century B.C. (lettering)


Found by J.M. Reynolds and A. Bazama in 1970 at Ptolemais : in the area of West Necropolis , in a pile of stones collected from fields around along the ancient main road to Barce, West of Wadi Khambish , opposite the Military Police Station.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors.


Bazama-Reynolds, 1978-1979 , pp. 257-258 and pl. LXXXVIa, whence SEG , 37.1709.


- - - - - - Κ[---]  (vac. 1) ΤΑ[---]  (vac. 3) 𐅹 (ἐτῶν) [---]  (vac.)


French translation

 [---]  âgé(e) de  [---]  ans.

English translation

 [---]  aged  [---]  years.

Italian translation

 [---]  di anni  [---] .


As the upper part of the stele is lost, it is impossible to guess the name of the dead. However, lines 1 and 2, perhaps with other lines missing above, had plausibly the name and father's name of the dead, whereas line 3 has the siglum for 'years', the age being also lost. Nothing was written below. The few surviving letters do not allow to decide whether this inscription should belong to IGCyr or to IRCyr. It was registered here only on behalf of Reynolds' hesitation and would thus be one of the rare instances of the use of the siglum for 'year'.

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