Trismegistos ID: 738403

Source Description


White marble base with mouldings of eggs and darts on top and below; a hole for attachment in the upper side (complete 0.97; 0.52;0.70).


Inscribed between the mouldings (0.832; 0.258;0.63).


0.044-0.058; small omicron and theta, phi with small loop, slightly slanting sigma, light serifs.

Place of Origin



Beginning of second century B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1971 at Cyrene : South Necropolis , tomb S 388 Cassels.

Last recorded Location

Studied in 1972 by Gasperini in situ.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors.


Frigerio, 1997 , p. 65, n. 5, whence SEG , 47.2170; Gasperini, 1998 , pp. 274-279 (ph.).


Ἀρθμιάδας Εὐφράνορος


French translation

Arthmiadas fils d'Euphranôr.

English translation

Arthmiadas son of Euphranor.

Italian translation

Arthmiadas figlio di Euphranor.


A father's name Euphranor is also mentioned on another base from the same tomb (IGCyr084900), the lettering of which is more ancient. The two persons were probably related with a span of one or two generations.

On the other hand, this man might be akin to a contributor mentioned in the list IGCyr065210, col. i, l. 16 with name Arthmiadas, whereas at the following line there is an Euphranor. As often in that list father and son were mentioned together, so that it is tempting to restore their fathers' names respectively as Euphranor and Arthmiadas. Those two would have lived three generations before the present dead.

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