Trismegistos ID: 738415

Source Description


Limestone rectangular panel on the wall facing the entrance, in a rock-cut tomb (dimensions unknown).


Inscribed in four lines.


Height not registered and somewhat irregular; circular letters slightly smaller, symmetrical pi, non-slanting sigma; the second theta has a small and vertical central bar; one out of three alphas has a dropped bar on Smith and Porcher's copy ( contra Pacho's).

Place of Origin



Late second century B.C. (lettering)


Copied by A. Cervelli in 1811-1812 'on the road from Safsaf to Gren (Cyrene)', i.e. at Cyrene : South Necropolis .


Copied by J.-R. Pacho in 1825 in situ.


Copied by R.M. Smith and E.A. Porcher in 1861 in situ.

Last recorded Location

Seen by J.M. Reynolds in the sixties of twentieth century in situ.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors.


CIG 5154 (Franz), from Pacho, 1827 , pl. 65, 9; Smith-Porcher, 1864 , n. 27; Mohamed-Reynolds, 1997 , pp. 34-35 n. 4 C, whence SEG , 47.2180, C. Cf. Cervelli, 1825 , p. 26 and pl. I.5 (erroneously numbered 3); Thorn-Thorn, 2009 , p. 267; Dobias-Lalou, 2013 , p. 185.


Ἀριστοτέλης Σώσιος ἱαρεὺς Ἀπόλλωνος· μηθέ-να ἐντίθη (vac. 5?).


French translation

Aristoteles fils de Sosis, prêtre d'Apollon. N'enterrer personne d'autre.

English translation

Aristoteles son of Sosis, priest of Apollo. Don't bury anyone else here.


Before being copied by Pacho and from him edited in CIG 5154, the inscription had been copied by Cervelli, who described the tomb in a few lines.

From the same tomb, not precisely identified in the South Necropolis, comes IGCyr008100 and might also come IGCyr086200 and IGCyr086500.

An Aristoteles son of Sosis is mentioned among the contributors of IGCyr065200, about 280 B.C. The lettering here indicates a date about the end of the second century. So a family link is possible, but cannot be fixed more precisely.

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