Tithe for Apollo


Trismegistos ID: 738502

Source Description


Two adjacent fragments of a white marble base: fragment a (0.67; 0.25;0.60) broken off at left and right, chipped off on all sides, with two holes for attachment of the feet of a statue on top; fragment b (0.165; 0.155;0.20), unpublished, forming the right end of the block, broken off at left and back.


Inscribed in two lines on front face with a guide-line still visible under line 2.


0.023; dotted theta, slanting sigma, circular letters slightly smaller than the others.

Place of Origin



Second half of fourth or first half of third century B.C. (lettering)


Fragment a only found before 1960 at Cyrene : in the Sanctuary of Apollo , West of the Strategeion .

Last recorded Location

Both fragments were seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1977 in the same area.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


SECir , 133 (no image); fragment b unpublished.


|[Ἀγ]ά̣θιππος Αὐτοκ|λεῦς |[δεκ]άταν τῶι Ἀπόλ[λ]|ωνι


1 |[Ἀγ]ά̣θιππος Αὐτοκ|λεῦς : SECir  [Ἀγά]θιππος Αὐτοκ[---] 

2 |[δεκ]άταν τῶι Ἀπόλ[λ]|ωνι : SECir  [δεκ]άταν τῶ Ἀπόλ[λωνος]

French translation

Agathippos fils d'Autoklès (a consacré ce monument) à Apollon au titre de la dîme.

English translation

Agathippos son of Autokles (dedicated this monument) to Apollo as a tithe.

Italian translation

Agathippos figlio di Autokles (ha dedicato questo monumento) ad Apollo come decima.


Only the main fragment (a) was seen by G. Pugliese Carratelli in 1960 and published by him. Fragment b was probably already digged out at the time, as C. Dobias-Lalou found it there in 1977 and no excavation took place in that area before the years 1990.

The first name is not complete. Although he did not mention it, Pugliese Carratelli perhaps saw a tiny part of an oblique stroke near the break at left, which was clear to C. Dobias-Lalou. This might explain why he did not consider another possible name, Xanthippos, which was at the time also absent from the Cyrenaean stock, and choose Ἀγάθιππος, only attested in this occurrence at Cyrene. We now hold this restoration for sure. Of the father's name there are a few instances in the region.

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