Probably sacred regulation


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Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 47+51.


Two fragments of a white marble panel, slighlty tapering and also thicker in the middle than on the edges; fragment a: broken off on all sides (0.20; 0.24;0.037 at left to 0.05 at right); fragment b: keeping right edge of the stone, neatly bevelled, broken off above, at left and below (0.15; 0.11;0.035 at right to 0.047 at left).


Inscribed in stoichedon style on front face.


0.014; slanting mu and sigma, dotted theta, phi with symetrical half-lunate-shaped loops.

Place of Origin



Fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found probably before 1937 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo , in the excavations of the East staircase leading to the Fountain Terrace (at least fr. b).

Later recorded Location

Seen by Pugliese Carratelli in 1960 Shahat : Cyrene Museum

Last recorded Location

Both fragments seen by C. Dobias-Lalou at the same place.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stones (CDL).


SECir , 160, 160bis (viz. fragments b and a; photos).


fragment a
- - - - - - [---] Λ̣Λ̣[---]  [---] ων Λ̣[---]  [---] [ὅ] τι ἁ τ[---]  [---]  [αἰ] δέ τί κα Α[---]  5 [---]  [ἐ]π̣ὶ φωρᾶι παρ τὰ [---]  [---]  κα θὲς ὅ τι μεγ̣[ιστ? ---]  [---]  [π]λ̣είονος πεντ[---]  [---] ν· ὅ τι δέ κα [---]  [---] ει ἀποτει[σ---]  10 [---]  σ ίοις πρα[---]  [---] [τ]ῶν ἱαρομ[ναμόνων ---]  [---] σον (vac.) - - - - - -
fragment b
- - - - - - [---] Ι [---]  +ΡΗΤ- [---]  [ἐν τῶι ἱ]αρῶι ΜΕ- [---]  [ἱαρ]ρομναμον- 5 [..]  [---] κ̣αὶ τὰ ἡμ----]  +ΕΣΑ̣ - - - - - -


a.2 ων λ̣ : SECir  ων+

a.3 [ὅ] τι ἁ τ : SECir  ΤΙΑΙ+

a.5 SECir  [ἐ]π̣ὶ φωρᾶι : SECir  [ἐ]π̣ὶ φωρᾶι : SECir  [ἐ]π̣ιφωρᾶι

a.6 κα θὲς ὅ τι μεγ̣[ιστ?] : SECir  ΚΑΘΕΣ ὅτι με γ

a.8 ν· ὅ τι δέ κα [---]  : SECir  ΝΟΤΙ δεκα[---] 

a.9 ἀποτει[σ---]  : SECir  ἀποτει[---] 

a.10 σ ίοις : SECir  +ίοις

a.11 [τ]ῶν ἱαρομ[ναμόνων] : SECir  [---] ω̣ν ἱαρομ[---] 

a.12 [---] σον (vac.) : SECir  [---]  +ΣΟΝ+++ [---] 

b.2 [---]  +ρητ : SECir  [---] ρητ

b.3 [ἐν τῶι ἱ]αρῶι με : SECir  +ΡΩΙΜΕ

French translation

(a)  [---]  ce que la  [---]  et si quelque chose  [---]  à la suite de la découverte vers les  [---]  ayant déposé le cas échéant ce qui est [le plus?] grand  [---] , plus de cinq  [---]  ; et ce que  [---]  il s'en acquittera  [---]  des hiéromnémons  [---] .

(b)  [---]  dans le sanctuaire  [---]  hiéromnémon  [---]  et les demi- [---] .

English translation

(a)  [---]  what the  [---]  and if something  [---]  after the discovery towards the  [---]  having laid down whatever larg[est?] is  [---]  more than five  [---] ; and whatever  [---]  he shall fulfill  [---]  the hieromnemones  [---] .

(b)  [---]  in the sanctuary  [---]  hieromnemon  [---]  and the half- [---] .

Italian translation

(a)  [---]  ciò che  [---]  e se qualcosa  [---]  dopo la scoperta verso i  [---]  avendo collocato ciò che è grand[issimo?]  [---] , più di cinque  [---] ; e ciò che  [---]  ripagherà  [---]  gli hieromnemones  [---] .

(b)  [---]  nel santuario  [---]  hieromnemon  [---]  e le metà- [---] .


The back of the panel had an odd shape, which probably prevented Pugliese Carratelli at SECir to be sure that both fragments belong to one and the same stone; however, their dimensions measured at different places and the bevelled right edge allow for the shape described above and the material, lettering and content do confirm the similarity. Fragment a belonged to the middle of the panel and fragment b belonged to the right side, probably lower, so that in our edition the order of the fragments is inverted in comparison with editio princeps. We infer the date of discovery from the mention of its place, which seems a quotation from Oliverio, although no sketchbook is mentioned.

This is one of the very few inscriptions in stoichedon style from Cyrenaica.

Those very fragmentary rests do not allow to get a clear view of the subject; however the mentions of hieromnemones , of a sanctuary, of payment and the hypothetical particle in relative sentences all lead to the view that some forms of religious regulations were mentioned here.

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