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Trismegistos ID: 113508

Source Description


Fragmentary greyish marble block, chipped off at the right edge, with narrow projecting margins at top and bottom of front face (0.61; 0.67;0.325); the right side is not well smoothened like the others.


Inscribed on the face (0.55; 0.654;) in one column of five lines well aligned at left (see more at commentary).


0.015-0.025; carefully cut with small serifs; alpha with dropped bar, smaller circular letters, rho with small loop, non-slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



150 to 120 B.C. (lettering, titulature)


First studied by G. Pugliese Carratelli before 1960 at Cyrene : in the Sanctuary of Apollo, West of the Strategeion .

Last recorded Location

Seen in situ by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1983 and again in 2004.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


SECir , 182 (no image), and Laronde, 1987 , p. 420 (ph.), whence SEG , 38.1884. Cf. Mooren, 1975 , n. 0413.


Κράτητα Κράτητος Κράτης Φιλoξένου τῶν πρώτων φίλων τὸν αὑτοῦ υἱὸν 5ἀνέθηκε


French translation

(Statue de) Kratès fils de Kratès, son propre fils, consacrée par Kratès fils de Philoxénos, des Premiers Amis.

English translation

(Statue of) Krates son of Krates, his own son, dedicated by Krates son of Philoxenos, one of the First Friends.

Italian translation

(Statua di) Krates figlio di Krates, il suo proprio figlio, dedicata da Krates figlio di Philoxenos, dei Primi Amici.


Laronde ( Laronde, 1987 , p. 420) observed that the stone was broken off at right, a fact that Pugliese Carratelli for SECir , 182 had not mentioned. Actually, at left the space before the first letters of lines 1 to 4 is 0.03, whereas at right the space is irregular, its least measure being at l. 2 of 0.10 and, moreover, the right side was not smoothened and thus not intended for being visible. Either another block was adjacent at right or the original larger block has been re-cut. It might thus be quite plausible that at least another text stood in a second column to the right, as happens on other bases bearing multipe statues. However, the two taus mentioned by Laronde as initial letters of lines of this lost right column and visible on the photo near the break are not at all aligned with the preserved ones, but stay at levels between viz. l. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. We suggest that they were scratched later on. What may have been inscribed in the lost part remains wholly unknown.

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