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Trismegistos ID: 738529

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, inv. number unknown.


Two non adjacent fragments of a light grey marble panel, black from fire; fragment a (0.335; 0.23;0.085) has a dowel hole at the back left of the upper face; no such indication is given for fragment b (0.33; 0.23;0.085).


Inscribed in two lines on front face.


0.028; slight serifs, low delta, epsilon with long external bars, non-slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Second century B.C. (lettering)


Found probably in 1927 by G. Oliverio at Cyrene : probably Sanctuary of Apollo .

Later recorded Location

Seen by G. Pugliese Carratelli in 1960 West of the Strategeion.

Last recorded Location

In 1982 C. Dobias-Lalou saw in Shahat : Cyrene Museum only fragment a, then kept inside the Strategeion; fragment b could not be found.

Text constituted from

Transcription partly from stone (CDL).


From Oliverio, Taccuini inediti , VIII.49, SECir , 184 (ph.).


|Τελέ̣[σ]|ανδρον |Ἀνδ[ρο]|κλεῦς


French translation

(Statue de) Télésandros fils d'Androklès.

English translation

(Statue of) Telesandros son of Androkles.

Italian translation

(Statua di) Telesandros figlio di Androkles.


The date of the find we infer from the number of Oliverio's sketchbook. However real excavations of the Strategeion and its Wester neighbourhood began only in 1929, so that the find may also date somewhat later. The fragments have been brought inside the Strategeion between 1960 and 1976. The floor of this restored building is in precarious condition, so that it is not puzzling that a visitor is not able to see the two fragments of the same stone at the same time, if ever they are not placed together.

The isolated personal name at the accusative is strange; usually the accusative is used for the person whose statue is dedicated by another person mentioned at the nominative. No other line was inscribed below, so that this panel probably belonged to a larger monument.

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