Probably list of military officers


Trismegistos ID: 738558

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 482.


Fragmentary white marble panel, broken on top and below (0.32; 0.195;0.075).


Inscribed on the whole width of front face, which is much chipped off.


0.016; careful and regular lettering; no serifs, alpha with low bar, dotted theta, slanting mu and sigma, dissymetrical nu, slightly smaller omicron and omega, the latter widely open, oval loop of phi.

Place of Origin



Mid-fourth century B.C. (lettering, prosopography)


Probably found between 1947 and 1957 at Cyrene : on the agora , East of the Prytaneum .

Last recorded Location

Seen in 1977 by C. Dobias-Lalou in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Morelli in SECir , 236 (no image); Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , p. 246.


- - - - - - [Ν]ικόδαμος Πρατ̣ο̣[μήδευς] Ἀλεξικλῆς Εὐφράνορος̣ Ὑπερτ[έ]λης Εὐκάρτευς Πρατο[μ]ήδης Καλλίππω 5Ἀμμώνιος Θευχρήσ[τω] Μναστοκλῆ̣ς̣ Στρα̣τ̣ [- max.4 -]  Πολ̣λί̣δας Κλ[έωνος] Ἐτέαρχος  [- max.9 -]  - - - - - -


1 Πρατ̣ο̣[μήδευς] : SECir  Πρα[τ]ο̣[---] 

3 Ὑπερτ[έ]λης : SECir  Ὑπερ̣τ̣έ̣λης

4 Πρατο[μ]ήδης : SECir  Πρατο̣μ̣ήδης

7 Κλ[έωνος] : SECir  Κλ̣έ[ωνος]

French translation

 [---]  Nikodamos fils de Pratomédès, Alexiklès fils d'Euphranôr, Hypertélès fils d'Eukartès, Pratomédès fils de Kallippos, Ammônios fils de Theukhrestos, Mnastoklès fils de Strat [---] , Pollidas fils de Kléôn, Etearkhos [fils d'Untel],  [---] .

English translation

 [---]  Nikodamos son of Pratomedes, Alexikles son of Euphranor, Hyperteles son of Eukartes, Pratomedes son of Kallippos, Ammonios son of Theuchrestos, Mnastokles son of Strat [---] , Pollidas son of Kleon, Etearchos [son of So-and-so],  [---] .

Italian translation

 [---]  Nikodamos figlio di Pratomedes, Alexikles figlio di Euphranor, Hyperteles figlio di Eukartes, Pratomedes figlio di Kallippos, Ammonios figlio di Theuchrestos, Mnastokles figlio di Strat [---] , Pollidas figlio di Kleon, Etearchos [figlio del tale],  [---] .


The lettering allows to date this list with confidence around the middle of the fourth century. It is very similar with lists of military officers like for instance IGCyr014800. A Kallippos son of Pratomedes is mentioned there (a.ii.32) as commander of a company of four-horse chariots, whereas a Kleon son of Pollidas is mentioned as a damiergos in IGCyr012400. Both mentioned inscriptions are dated around 335/330 B.C. So their fathers might be mentioned here at lines 4 and 7.

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