Private honors for Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II


Trismegistos ID: 738583

Source Description


Part of a marble low base, neatly cut at left (see commentary) and broken off at right (0.57; 0.32;1.13).


Inscribed in two lines on front face. (0.40; 0.32;), which is the upper face of the remaining block as it now stands.


0.027; some letters were hammered and are illegible; pi with projecting upper bar.

Place of Origin

Cyrene : probably from the Agora.


Probably between 130 and 116 B.C. (lettering, reign)


Found before 1960 at Cyrene : area of the House of Jason Magnus , in the so-called Temple of Hermes .

Later recorded Location

Seen by D. Morelli in 1960 at the findspot.

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1977 at the same place.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Morelli in SECir , 273 (no image).


[Βασιλέα Πτολεμαῖον θ]εὸν Ε〚ὐ〛ε̣[ργέτην ---]  [---]  [τῶν] π〚ρ̣ώ̣〛τ[ων φίλων ---] 


1 [θ]εὸν Ε〚ὐ〛ε̣[ργέτην] : SECir  [---] Θ̣ΕΟΝΕΥΣ

2 [τῶν] π〚ρ̣ώ̣〛τ[ων φίλων] : SECir  Πρατᾶ

French translation

(La statue du) [roi Ptolémée] Dieux Evergète  [---]  [a été consacrée par Un tel] des Premiers Amis  [---] .

English translation

(The statue of) [king Ptolemy] God Euergetes  [---]  [was dedicated by So-and-so] of the First Friends  [---] .

Italian translation

(La statua del) [re Tolemeo] Dio Evergete  [---]  [è stata dedicata dal tale] dei Primi Amici  [---] .


There are many obscurities in this inscription, which seems to belong to a larger monument with a missing part at left, either another block or a part that was cut off for a re-use.

The reading is made difficult because of both lines being partly hammered, perhaps on occasion of a re-use. A honorific base for a king would have stood on the agora proper. It may whave been moved from there to its findspot, some blocks further to the East.

At line 1, Morelli's reading does not seem to give an acceptable name. The last preserved letter, read by him as sigma, has only the upper and lower bars preserved, so that it may be an epsilon as well. If so we catch a possible mention of a king 'God Euergetes' who, given the lettering, would be the second one, preferably at the end of his reign.

At line 2, as read by Morelli, genitive of masculine Πράτας or nominative of Πράτα, those names are unknown in Cyrenaica and nearly inexistant elsewhere. C. Dobias-Lalou could not read as much as Morelli. The 2nd letter, a rho for Morelli, not seen by C. Dobias-Lalou, seems to be confirmed by the photograph. Of the 3rd letter she could see only the upper part which is not pointed like an alpha and would rather be an omega. The 4th letter is a clear tau. The 5th letter, which she could not see, might be also an omega instead of the alpha read by Morelli.

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