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Presumably marble stele with double moulding at top, originally placed on the platform over the roof of a temple-built tomb; from Tomlinson's sketch: upper moulding (0.36; 0.03; -), lower moulding (0.35; 0.035; -), below moulding 0.30; height unknown; -.


Inscribed, as it seems from the sketch, on the upper moulding.


Height unknown; rather uneven letters (Cassels).

Place of Origin



Fourth or third century B.C. (lettering)


Found on March 20th, 1954 by J. Cassels at Cyrene : East Necropolis , tomb E10 Cassels.

Later recorded Location

Seen by R. Tomlinson in 1956

Last recorded Location

Seen in situ by L. Beschi in 1961.

Present Location

Not found by J.C. Thorn in 2001.

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors.


Cassels, 1955 , pp. 15, 38 (no illustration). Cf. Beschi, 1970 , pp. 200-201; Thorn-Thorn, 2009 , p. 150 (Tomlinson's sketch).


Πολυδάμας Εὐαίνω


1 Beschi, 1970  Πολυδάμας : Cassels, 1955  ΠΩΛΥΔΑΜΑΣ : Thorn-Thorn, 2009  ΠΩΛΥΔΑΜΑΣ (Tomlinson's reading)

French translation

Polydamas fils d'Euainos.

English translation

Polydamas son of Euainos.

Italian translation

Polydamas figlio di Euainos.


Cassels in his 1955 publication only gave a diplomatic transcription of the inscription on the stele, which should have stood on top of the rectangular built tomb and suggested a date. The Tomlinson archive, published by the Thorns in 2009, has a useful sketch.

In 1961, Beschi saw the stele amongst the ruins and unearthed a mourning half-figure (n. 24 of his catalogue) roughly contemporary.

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