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Trismegistos ID: 738706

Source Description


Rock-cut altar, isolated from the neighbouring series, with one compartment (dimensions unknown).


Inscribed on the right-hand (Northern) side, a) in two lines on the upper right area, b) in two lines on the lower left area.


0.08 estimated from photograph; large and broad epsilon with shorter central bar, slanting mu and sigma, xi without vertical stroke, widely open horseshoe omega.

Place of Origin



End of fourth or beginning of third century B.C. (lettering)


Found by M. Luni in 2007 at Cyrene : along the road to Balagrae, next to the Eastern limit of the Southern temple precinct .

Later recorded Location

Observed by G. Paci in 2008 in situ.

Last recorded Location

Seen by E. Rosamilia in 2010 in situ.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (GP).


Paci, 2011 , p. 268 and fig. 13, n. 4, 5, 7, whence SEG , 61.1555, 1-4. Cf. Gasparini-Rosamilia, 2016 , pp. 190-195.


Λάμπις Κλεοξέ[νω]
Στράτων Κλεοξένω


French translation

a) Lampis fils de Kléoxénos. b) Stratôn fils de Kléoxénos.

English translation

a) Lampis son of Kleoxenos. b) Straton son of Kleoxenos.

Italian translation

a) Lampis figlio di Kleoxenos. b) Straton figlio di Kleoxenos.


Belonging to the well-known group of escharai inscribed with personal names mentioning the 'owners' of the altar, on which they brought offerings for an unknown deity, this one differs from the others by its monumentality and by the fact that two brothers inscribed their names on its lateral side and not in front.

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