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Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 284.


White marble stele (two fragments pasted together), slighlty tapering, recut upside down at back to form a funerary portrait of woman in low relief (Severan age); the inscribed side has been broken off at upper left angle (0.39-0.41; 0.875;0.27).


Inscribed on the face at 0.26 from top, in two lines. In spite of the upper left angle missing, all letters are preserved and their absence on images is due to the placement in the museum.


0.03, deeply and carefully cut, without serifs; dissymmetrical nu, slantering mu and sigma, tall rho, slightly smaller omicron, upsilon with calice-shaped and small upper part.

Place of Origin

Cyrene : presumably from an undetermined Necropolis .


Second half of fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1948 at Cyrene , presumably in a tomb of an undetermined Necropolis , not necessarily that of the find.

Last recorded Location

Seen in 1997 by C. Dobias-Lalou in Shahat : Cyrene Museum.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Not previously published.


Χαῖνυς Δαμασάνορος


French translation

Khainys fils de Damasanôr.

English translation

Chainys son of Damasanor.

Italian translation

Chainys figlio di Damasanor.


Both names are already known at Cyrene with few occurrences, which all belong to men of the upper class, either officers in the army or dedicant of the tithe (but for two occurrences of Chainys at Ptolemais in the Roman period).

The earlier use of the stone with this funerary mention was not mentioned by E. Rosenbaum, who published the relief (see Rosenbaum, 1960 , n. 284).

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