Dedication of a telesterion ?


Trismegistos ID: 738867

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, inv. number missing.


Fragment of a white marble block, broken off on all sides but below, where the lower edge is only chipped off; possibly complete at lower left; probably also broken off at back, unless it was a panel with a very uneven back; (0.11; 0.19;0.025).


Inscribed on the face, ending at 0.10 from the lower edge.


0.012 (omicron) to 0.019 (epsilon, eta) deeply cut with small serifs; non-slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Perhaps second half of second century B.C.


Found before 2001 at Cyrene : exact findspot unrecorded.

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 2001 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Not previously published.


- - - - - -  [c. 4 - 5] ο [---]   [c. 2 - 3] ο Λ[---]  Κλήσ[ιππος ---]  (vac. 1) τὸ τελε[---] 


French translation

Intraduisible (voir commentaire).

English translation

Not usefully translatable (see commentary).

Italian translation

Intraducibile (vedi commento).

Arabic translation

غير قابل للترجمة بشكل جيد (انظر التعليق على النقش)


As the space before the first letter at line 4 seems to show, we have here the beginning of the line. Hence at line 3 a personal name beginning with Κλησ-, for which Klesippos is the most probable. For the word at line 4, two restorations seem possible: one would be τελεστήριον, which is attested at Delphi and Thebai for 'offering after a good accomplishment'; the other is τελεστικόν, a word only known from Ptolemaic Egypt for a sort of tax. We would slightly prefer the former but it is better to leave the question open.

At line 2, the first preserved letter may be a dotted theta or an omicron with a marked compass-hole. The first would fit into a personal name Νίκαθλος, but this would exceed the space available. A reading Ἀπόλλωνι, 'for Apollo', seems better, but the word order in the sentence would be somewhat surprising.

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