Names, perhaps dedication


Trismegistos ID: 738892

Source Description


Fragment of a limestone block broken off at right, top and back (0.38; 0.28;0.44); the face is broken off at top left and worn out at right; the left side of the block is preserved and has no anathyrosis, so it might be the left end of an architrave.


Inscribed on the face in two lines.


0.10-0.12; the letters get less visible towards the right.

Place of Origin



Probably second half of fourth or first half of third century B.C. (lettering)


Found between 2008 and 2012 by the Mission of Urbino at Cyrene : Southern Extra-Mural Sacred Zone , North-West of the Extra-Mural Temple of Demeter , in one of a series of oikoi.

Last recorded Location

First studied in 2012 by E. Rosamilia in situ.

Text constituted from

Transcription from editor.


Gasparini-Rosamilia, 2016 , n. 13 (fig. 27).


η ρ Ι̣[---]  Ξη[ν---]  [---] 


French translation

 [---]  Xèn [---]   [---] .

English translation

 [---]  Xen [---]   [---] .

Italian translation

 [---]  Xen [---]   [---] .


This poor fragment of what seems to be a monumental piece, perhaps an architrave, is difficult to interpret. E. Rosamilia shows that at line 2 there is no other possibility than the beginning of a personal name in Ξην(ο)- or its common short form Ξῆνις. If so, line 1 should also contain a personal name and the combination of all possibilities leads him to three already attested names: Ιγισαν, Ἠρίλοχος and Ἠρίνοος. It is impossible to push this further. On the whole, the inscription might be the dedication of a monument.

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