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Trismegistos ID: 738191

Source Description


Fragment of oblong block with a plain moulding on top (dimensions unknown); a sculpted or drawn figure of 3/4 male body with a large belly is to be seen between the two names.


Inscribed in one line at left and right of the figure.


Height unknown.

Place of Origin



Perhaps, third century B.C. (lettering)


Copied by J.-R. Pacho in 1825 at Cyrene : exact findspot unrecorded.

Present Location

Not found.

Text constituted from

Transcription from editor (HB).


CIG 5182 (Franz), from Pacho, 1827 , pl. 63, 6; Marengo, 1991 , p. 532.


[---] υλλίων (vac. 2) Ξην̣[---] 


1 [---] υλλίων : Pacho, 1827  +ΥΜΙΩΝ : CIG  [Ἐνδ]υμίων [---]  (Franz) : Marengo, 1991  [---] υλ̣λ̣ίων : Marengo, 1991  [---] υμ̣ίων

2 Ξην̣[---]  : Pacho, 1827  Ξη͡ρ [---]  : CIG   : Marengo, 1991  Ξη+ [---] 

French translation

 [---] ylliôn fils de Xèn [---] .

English translation

 [---] yllion son of Xen [---] .

Italian translation

 [---] yllion figlio di Xen [---] .


Both the design of the stone and its position among monumental dedications lead to a dedicatory rather than funerary interpretation of what seems a couple of personal names.

Marengo, 1991 , p. 532 cautiously did not keep the former restoration of the very rare and late name Endymion and let open the possibility to read either one mu or two lambdas as first preserved letter of the first name. The latter possibility might lead to read [Θρασ]υλλίων, a name already attested at Cyrene (IGCyr081200, l. 9 and IGCyr084000, l. 43). However no prosopographical clue allows to push this ahead.

For names in Cyrenaica derived with -υλο- and related suffixes, see Masson, 1983 (also Masson, 1990 , 409-412).

The father's name should belong to the group of Ξην(ο)-, for which there exist various suffixes and endings. Reading nu for the third letter seems plausible from Pacho's drawing.

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