Accounts of the damiergoi


Trismegistos ID: 106086

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 269.


Fragment of a white marble panel broken off on all sides (0.11; 0.145;0.06).


Inscribed on the whole width at ll. 3-7, on two columns from l. 8 on.


On lines 4 to 8 0.009, from line 9 on 0.007; serifs, non-slanting sigma, widely open upsilon.

Place of Origin



Second century, not before 180 B.C.. (lettering, reign)


Found before 1933 at Cyrene : agora .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1976 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1932-1933 , pp. 142-143, n. 41 (ph.), whence SEG , 9.42; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 331-333; Rosamilia, 2016 , p. 89; Rosamilia, 2017 , pp. 142-144, 151; Dobias-Lalou, 2017 , p. 192. For general bibliography on the accounts of the damiergoi see IGCyr011400.


section a
[Θεοί]. [Ἱαρεὺς ---] . [Δαμι]ερ[γέντων]  [c. 2 - 4] ευς Ε̣[---] , 5  [c. 2 - 4]υς Ζ[---] ,  [c. 2 - 4] γ̣όρα Ἀρ̣[---] . [Κα]ρποὶ ἐτι[μάθεν]·
section b
column i
[πράτας ἑξαμ]ήνω· [σπυρῶν] [[μ]έ(διμνοι)] μ͡δ ϡ͡β 10[κριθᾶν μ]έ(διμνοι) μ͡β ϡ͡δχ´ [κυάμων] (vac.) μ͡δ ϡ͡β´ [ἐρεβίνθων] μ͡ζ ϡ͡β´ [φακῶν] μ͡ζ ϡ͡β´ [τἆλλα ὄσπρια] μ͡γ ϡ͡ε´ - - - - - -
column ii
δευτ[έρας ἑξαμήνω]· σπυρῶ[ν ---] , κριθᾶ[ν ---] , κυάμω̣[ν ---] , ἐρεβίν̣[θων ---] , φακῶν [---] , τ̣ἆ̣λ̣λ̣α ὄ̣[σπρια ---] , - - - - - -


5 Ζ[---]  : Oliverio, 1932-1933  Ζα̣[---] 

9-13 (the first numeral read as Π by Oliverio is in fact a careless Μ, especially clear at line 9; see commentary)

10 [μ]έ(διμνοι) : Oliverio, 1932-1933  [ὁ] μέδ(ιμνος) (the same, wholly supplied, at line 9)

French translation

[Dieux. Prêtre Untel, étant démiurges Untel] fils d'E [---] , [Untel] fils de Z [---] ,  [---] goras fils d'Ar [---] , les récoltes ont été estimées.

Premier semestre: [médimnes de froment], 42 000 (drachmes); médimnes [d'orge], 24 600 ; [de fèves], 42 000; [de pois chiches], 72 000; [de lentilles], 72 000; [autres légumes], 35 000;  [---] .

Second semestre: de froment, [tant]; d'orge, [tant]; de fèves, [tant]; de pois chiches, [tant]; de lentilles, [tant]; autres légumes, [tant];  [---] .

English translation

[Gods. Priest So-and-so, being damiergoi So-and-so] son of E [---] , [So-and-so] son of Z [---] ,  [---] goras son of Ar [---] , the crops were estimated.

First semester: [medimni of wheat], 42 000 (drachmas); medimni [of barley], 24 600 ; [of beans], 42 000; [of chick peas], 72 000; [of lentils], 72 000; [other pulse], 35 000;  [---] .

Second semester: of wheat, [so much]; of barley, [so much]; of beans, [so much]; of chick peas, [so much]; of lentils, [so much]; other pulse, [so much];  [---] .

Italian translation

[Dèi. Sacerdote il tale, quando erano damiurghi il tale] figlio di E [---] , [il tale] figlio di Z [---] ,  [---] goras figlio di Ar [---] , i raccolti sono stati valutati.

Primo semestre: [medimni di grano], 42 000 (dracme); medimni [di orzo], 24 600; [di fave], 42 000; [di ceci], 72 000; [di lenticchie], 72 000; [altri legumi], 35 000;  [---] .

Secondo semestre: di grano, [tanto]; di orzo, [tanto]; di fave, [tanto]; di ceci, [tanto]; di lenticchie, [tanto]; altri legumi, [tanto];  [---] .

Arabic translation

[الآلهة. فترة الكاهن فلان وكل من الداميرجوي فلان] بن إي [---] و[فلان] بن ز [---] و[---] جوراس بن أر [ ---]، تم تقدير المحاصيل كالتالي: الفصل الأول: [ميديمني من القمح]، 000 42 (دراخما)؛ ميديمني [من الشعير]، 600 24؛ [من الفول]، 000 42؛ [من الحمص]، 000 72؛ [من العدس]، 000 72؛ [من بقوليات أخرى]، 000 35؛ [---]. الفصل الثاني: من القمح، [قيمة ما]. من الشعير، [قيمة ما]. من الفول، [قيمة ما]. من البازلاء، [قيمة ما]. من العدس، [قيمة ما].قوليات أخرى، [قيمة ما]؛ [---].


Ll. 9-13 are clearly not formulated in the same way as in the other accounts, as the numerals are huge. However, the system of numerals in use here seems to be the same as in IGCyr014300, i.e. M for 10000, 𐅦 for 1000 and then the hundreds (so Χ for 600), tens and single numbers expressed by the different letters of the alphabet. The amounts given for each product are very high, so that Oliverio imagined a special system for this only account. First of all, in the first ligature he identified a pi, which would be very different from the one at line 7. Dobias-Lalou thinks that it is nearer to a mu, whereas Oliverio's interpretation of the three orders as drachma, obol and chalkous would be totally unparalleled (so Dobias-Lalou, 2017 ). No article should be restored at lines 9 and 10 and the abbreviated unit should be develped into a plural. One interpretation would be that the numerals given at each line should not correspond to a price, but to the total number of medimni. However Rosamilia, with the same readings, has now a very convincing explanation: the numbers give the total income for all the medimni gathered during the semester, calculated in bronze drachms of the bronze standard system in use since the years 180 B.C.

L. 5: for the father's name, neither the stone in its present condition nor Oliverio's photograph do confirm the presence of an alpha after the inital zeta. As no personal name beginning with ΖΑ is known, we prefer to drop Oliverio's reading.

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