Accounts of the damiergoi


Trismegistos ID: 106087

Source Description


Five fragments of a white marble panel, three of which (a, b and c) adjoining to form the upper left angle, one (d) lose in the right middle part, another (e) giving the lower margin (fragments a+b+c 0.229; 0.216; -; fragment d 0.079; 0.105; -; fragment e 0.105; 0.185; -; reconstructed total 0.41; 0.46;0.045).


Inscribed on the whole width at ll. 1-7 (section a) and 28-31 (section c), on two columns (section b.i, section b.ii) at ll. 8-27.


0.01; carefully cut, with slight serifs: low delta, alpha with dropped bar, rho with very small loop.

Place of Origin



Second century, not before 180 B.C. (lettering, reign)


Found before 1933 at Cyrene : agora .

Present Location

Not found.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor (CDL).


Oliverio, 1932-1933 , pp. 143-144, n. 42 (ph.), whence SEG , 9.43; Rosamilia, 2016 , pp. 88-96; Rosamilia, 2017 , pp. 142, 148, 151. For general bibliography on the accounts of the damiergoi see IGCyr011400.


section a
|Θ[εοί] Ἱαρ[εὺς ---]  Δα̣|μ[ιεργέντων] Βωλα|κλ[εῦς ---] , 5|Κ̣ρίτ|ων[ο]ς |[---] , |[Φ]ίλ|ων[ος] |Μ[---] . |Κα|ρποὶ | ἐτιμ[άθεν]·
section b
column i
|[π]ράτα|ς ἑξαμή|νω· |[σ]πυ|ρῶν ὁ μ͡έδ(ιμνος) |τ̣η´ 10[κριθ]|ᾶν ρ|π̣´ [κυάμ]ων τ´ [ἐρεβίν]|θων τ̣|η´ [φακῶν?] |σ̣δ´ τ[ἆλλα ὄσπρι]|α σ´[.]  15[κυμίνω ---]  [ἀμυσγυλᾶν μαλακᾶν ---]  [σκληρᾶν ---]  [οἴνω ὁ] [σ͡μ(ιρεύς) ---]  20[σύκων τὸ] [τ͡ά(λαντον) ---]  [σταφίδος ---]  [σκοραδᾶν ---]  [κρομμύων ---]  [χόρτω ἡμέρω] 25[ἁ ἅμαξα ---]  [ἀγρίω ---]  [ἀχύρων ἁ ῥῖπος ---] 
column ii
|δευ[τέρας ἑξαμήνω]· |σπ[υρῶν ὁ] [μ͡έδ(ιμνος) ---]  |κρ[ιθᾶν ---]  |κυ[άμων ---]  [ἐρεβίνθων ---]  [φακῶν? ---]  [τἆλ]|λα ὄ[σπρια ---]  [κυμ]|ίνω [---]  [ἀμυ]|σγυλᾶ[ν μα]|λακᾶ[ν ---]  [σκ]|ληρ[ᾶν ---]  [οἴ]|νω [ὁ] [σ͡μ(ιρεύς) ---]  [σύκων ---]  [σταφίδος ---]  [σκοραδᾶν ---]  [κρομμύων ---]  [χόρτω ἡ]|μέρω [ἁ ἅμα]|ξα [---]  [ἀγρί]|ω [---]  [ἀχύρ]|ων ἁ ῥῖπο[ς ---] 
section c
[Τὸ πὰν ἐσιὸν τῶ ἐνιαυτῶ ---]  |ν´· τὰ ἱερεῖα ἐ[θύθη]. [---] , [τὸ π]|ὰν ἐξιὸ[ν τῶ] 30[ἐνιαυτῶ ---]  [λοιπὸν? ---] . [Πα]|ρόρεγμ[α δαμι-εργοῖς]  [c. 1 - 3]. (vac.) (vac. 1 line)


28 [Τὸ πὰν ἐσιὸν τῶ ἐνιαυτῶ ---]  ν´ · τὰ ἱερεῖα ἐ[θύθη] : Oliverio, 1932-1933  [---]  [τὰ πά]ντα ἱερεῖα ἐθύθη : SEG  [τὰ πάντα ἱερεῖα ἐθύθη] (vac.) [τὰ πά]ντα ἱερεῖα ἐθύθη (in two columns)

29 [---] , [τὸ π]ὰν ἐξιὸ[ν τῶ] : Oliverio, 1932-1933  [Τὸ πὰν ἐσιὸν ---] , [τὸ π]ὰν ἐξιὸ[ν ---] 

30 [ἐνιαυτῶ ---]  [λοιπὸν? ---]  : Oliverio, 1932-1933  [Λοιπὸν ---] 

French translation

Dieux. Prêtre [Untel]. Etant démiurges Bôlaklès [(fils de)  [---] ], Kritôn [(fils de)  [---] ], Philôn, fils de M [---] . Les récoltes ont été estimées.

Premier semestre: froment, le médimne, 308; orge, 180; fèves, 300; pois chiches, 308; [lentilles?], 204; autres légumes, 200; [ cumin, tant; amandes à coque tendre, tant; à coque dure, tant; vin, le smireus, tant; figues, le talent, tant; raisin sec, tant; ail, tant; oignons, tant; foin cultivé, la charretée, tant; sauvage, tant; paille, le filet, tant].

Second semestre: froment, [tant]; orge, [tant]; fèves, [tant]; [pois chiches, tant]; [lentilles, tant?]; autres légumes, [tant]; cumin, [tant]; amandes à coque tendre, [tant]; à coque dure, [tant]; vin, [le smireus, tant]; [figues, le talent, tant; raisin sec, tant; ail, tant; oignons, tant]; foin cultivé, la charretée, [tant]; sauvage, [tant]; paille, le filet, [tant].

Recette totale de l'année,  [---] 50. Les sacrifices ont été accomplis. Dépenses totales de l'année, [tant. Reste, tant]. Indemnité pour les démiurges, [tant].

English translation

Gods. Priest [So-and-so]. Being damiergoi Bolakles [(son of)  [---] ], Kriton [(son of)  [---] ], Philon, son of M [---] . The crops were estimated.

First semester: wheat, per medimnos, 308; barley, 180; beans, 300; chick peas, 308; [lentils?], 204; other pulse, 200; [cumin, so much; almonds with soft shells, so much; with hard shells, so much; wine, per smireus, so much; figs, per talent, so much; raisin, so much; garlic, so much; onions, so much; cultivated hay, per cartload, so much; wild, so much; straw, per net, suche price].

Second semester: wheat, [so much]; barley, [so much]; beans, [so much]; [chick peas, so much]; [lentils, so much?]; other pulse, [so much]; cumin, [so much]; almonds with soft shells, [so much]; with hard shells, [so much]; wine, [so much]; [figs, so much; raisin, so much; garlic, so much; onions, so much]; cultivated hay, per cartload, [so much]; wild, [so much]; straw, per net, [so much].

Total income of the year,  [---] 50. The sacrifices have been accomplished. Total expense of the year, [so much. Remainder, so much]. Allowance for the damiergoi, [so much].

Italian translation

Dèi. Sacerdote [il tale]. Quando erano damiurghi Bolakles [(figlio di)  [---] ], Kriton [(figlio di)  [---] ], Philon figlio di M [---] . I raccolti sono stati valutati.

Primo semestre: grano, per medimno, 308; orzo, 180; fagioli, 300; ceci, 308; [lenticchie?], 204; altri legumi, 200; [cumino, tanto; mandorle a guscio tenero, tanto; a guscio duro, tanto; vino, per smireus, tanto; fichi, per talento, tanto; uva passa, tanto; aglio, tanto; cipolle, tanto; fieno coltivato, par carro, tanto; selvatico, tanto; paglia, per rete, tanto].

Secondo semestre: grano, [tanto]; orzo, [tanto]; fagioli, [tanto]; [ceci, tanto]; [lenticchie, tanto?]; altri legumi, [tanto]; cumino, [tanto]; mandorle a guscio tenero, [tanto]; a guscio duro, [tanto]; vino, [per smireus, tanto]; [fichi, per talento, tanto; uva passa, tanto; aglio, tanto; cipolle, tanto]; fieno coltivato, per carro, [tanto]; selvatico, [tanto]; paglia, per rete, [tanto].

Entrata totale dell'anno,  [---] 50. I sacrifici sono stati compiuti. Uscita totale, [tanto. Resto, tanto]. Retribuzione per i damiurghi, [tanto].

Arabic translation

الآلهة. فترة الكاهن [فلان]. وكل من الداميرجوي بولاكليس [(بن) [---]] وكريتون [(بن) [---]] وفيلون، بن م [---]، قدرت المحاصيل كالتالي: الفصل الأول: القمح، لكل مديمنوس، 308؛ الشعير، 180؛ الفول، 300؛ الحمص، 308؛ [العدس؟]، 204؛ بقوليات آخرى، 200؛ [الكمون، قيمة ما؛ اللوز ذوالقشورالهشة، قيمة ما؛ ذوالقشورالصلبة، قيمة ما؛ النبيذ، لكل سميريوس، قيمة ما؛ التين، لكل تالنت، قيمة ما؛ الزبيب، قيمة ما؛ الثوم، قيمة ما؛ البصل، قيمة ما؛ التب المزروع ، لكل حمولة عربة، قيمة ما؛ التبن البري، قيمة ما؛ القش (الناتج عن درس الحبوب)، للشبكة الواحدة، قيمة ما]. الفصل الثاني: القمح، [قيمة ما]. الشعير، [قيمة ما]. الفول، [قيمة ما]. [الحمص، قيمة ما]. [العدس، قيمة ما ؟]؛ بقوليات أخرى، [قيمة ما]؛ الكمون، [قيمة ما]؛ اللوز ذوالقشورالهشة، [قيمة ما]، اللوز ذوالقشورالصلبة، [قيمة ما]؛ النبيذ، [قيمة ما]؛ [التين، قيمة ما؛ الزبيب، قيمة ما؛ الثوم، قيمة ما؛ البصل، قيمة ما]؛ القش المزروع، لكل حمولة عربة، [قيمة ما]، التبن البري، [قيمة ما]؛ القش(الناتج عن درس الحبوب)، للشبكة الواحدة، [قيمة ما]. إجمالي دخل السنة، [---] 50. الأضحيات قد تم تقديمها. إجمالي النفقات من السنة، [قيمة ما. الباقي، قيمة ما]. تعطى للداميرجوي، [قيمة ما].


Lines 20 to 23, where both columns are missing, have been plausibly restored by Oliverio on basis of the last products mentioned in IGCyr014300. If he is right, the present account would surprisingly not mention olives nor olive oil.

In this account, the few numbers that are preserved are higher than the prices per unit given in the preceding centuries and lower than those mentioned in the contemporary IGCyr014400. Rosamilia was able to show that this reflects the change of monetary scale from silver standard to bronze standard in Cyrenaica in the first decades of the second century B.C., shorlty after the change was deciced in Egypt.

At l. 30 the 'remainder' (λοιπόν) was not compulsorily mentioned (see IGCyr014300).

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