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Trismegistos ID: 738221

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 414.


Marble stele with a plain cornice above, sawn off below, so that its proportions resemble that of a base (0.72; 0.25;0.14).


Inscribed on the cornice (textpart a) and on the face below it (textparts b-c, 0.685; 0.12;0.125): one line (b) written on the whole width; from line 3 on (c): 4 columns written stoichedon; there are also faint remains of 8 lines on left side (textpart d).


Lines 1-2 0.01; lines 3 and followings 0.007; dotted theta, rho with angular loop, slanting mu and sigma, dissymetrical nu, xi with axial hasta, very small and open omega.

Place of Origin



Probably second half of fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1928 at Cyrene : under the stylobate of the curved portico closing the Byzantine Baths .

Last recorded Location

Seen in 1977 by C. Dobias-Lalou in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1930 , pp. 184-186, n. 10, whence SEG , 9.45. Cf. Lazzarini, 1987 , whence SEG , 37.1665; Laronde, 1987 , pp. 121, 131-134, whence SEG , 38.1876; Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , pp. 32-33; Dobias-Lalou, 2015 , pp. 73-74; Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , pp. 242-243, 257-258.


text a
[..] Ξ̣[...............] ΣΚΥ[..] ρ̣[..........] 
text b
[.] ΥΤΟΙ̣Γ̣Ο̣ΦΩΥ̣[...........] Δ̣Α̣Χ̣Α[....] 
column I
Τιμασίαναξ Ἐρξίλα, Φιλοτάσιος Εὐκλάρο̄, 5Κλεύθεμις Ἀγαθίνο̄, Φίλων Δαμασάνορος, Ἄκανθις Πολύμνιος, Ἀρχαμένης Ἀμωμήτο̄, Νῖκις Καλλιμάχο̄, 10 ⸢Ἀ⸣ ρίσταρχος Ἀγάθο̄, Ἀνάξιππος Φειδίππ⸢ο̄⸣ , Μελάνιππος Πρατόλα, Δᾶμις Εὐφρ⸢ά⸣ νορος, [------]  

column II
Κλευγένης Μνασάρχō, 15Εὐρυκλείδας Λυσανία, Ἅγησις Κύδιος, Ἄλεξις Φιλίσκō, Ἀριστόλοχος Ἁγησίππō, Γόργυθος Ποτιδαίō, 20Ἄνδοκος Ἀ̣γαθίνō, Φιλέγγυος Τέλωνος, Κορίνθιος Μοιρισθέν[εος], Ἀλκίμν⸢α⸣ στος Νικοτέλε[ος], Διώξιππος Φιλίσκō, 25 [---] ν̣δρō,

column III
Παραιβάτας Βωλαγόρα, Φερεκλῆς Ἀπίο̄, Φιλοτάσιος Αἴνιος, Δαμοτέλης Θεσσέλο̄, 30Σώστρατος Δείνιος, Λῦσις Ἐξακέστα, Ἀρσάβας Ξήνιος, Δ̣ίπολις Τέλωνος, [Δ]ιόδωρος Φιλεταίρο̄, 35Θ̣[ε]ρσίλας Κρητός, Ἐξακέστας Φιλίσκο̄, Λ̣[.] ε[...] τας Ἀρίστιος,
column IV
Θαλίαρχος Ἀγασικλέος, Σωγένης Κάρνιος, 40Νεῦσσος Αἴσιος, Ἀνδρόχαρις Ἐξάκιος, Ἄγκιθος Σωκλέος, Σώσιππος Λύκο̄, Κάλλιππος Λύσιος, 45Ἰάσων Χλίδωνος, Κάλλις Πολύμνιος, Εὐρυφύης Διωξίππο̄, Ἁνίοχος Δαμάλκεος, Οἴινος Καρταγόρα.

side d
50 [....] Σ̣Η̣[..] Κ̣Η̣Ι̣Σ̣ [---] Σ [....] Τ[---]  [---] ΠΟ [---] Η 55 [---] Κ̣Ō [---] Ν


22 Μοιρισθέν[εος] : Oliverio, 1930  Μοιρισθέν[ευς]

23 Νικοτέλε[ος]Νικοτέλε[ος] : Oliverio, 1930  Νικοτέλε[ος]Νικοτέλε[υς]

35 Θ̣[ε]ρσίλας : Oliverio, 1930  [Ἐ]ρσίλας

French translation

(a) [------]  

(b) [------]  

(c) (Col. I) Timasianax, fils d'Erxilas, Philotasios fils d'Euklaros, Kleuthemis fils d'Agathinos, Philôn fils de Damasanôr, Akanthis fils de Polymnis, Arkhaménès fils d'Amômètos, Nikis fils de Kallimakhos, Aristarkhos fils d'Agathos, Anaxippos fils de Pheidippos, Mélanippos fils de Pratolas, Damis fils d'Euphranôr.

(Col. II) Kleugénès fils de Mnasarkhos, Eurykleidas fils de Lysanias, Hagèsis fils de Kydis, Alexis fils de Philiskos, Arsitolokhos fils d'Hagèsippos, Gorgythos fils de Potidaios, Andokos fils d'Agathinos, Philenguos fils de Télôn, Korinthios fils de Moiristhénès, Alkimnastos fils de Nikotélès, Diôxippos fils de Philiskos, [Untel, fils de]  [---] ndros.

(Col. III) Paraibatas fils de Bôlagoras, Phéréklès fils d'Apios, Philotasios fils d'Ainis, Damotélès fils de Thesselos, Sôstratos fils de Deinis, Lysis fils d'Exakestas, Arsabas fils de Xènis, Dipolis fils de Télôn, Diodôros fils de Philetairos, [The]rsilas fils de Krès, Exakestas fils de Philiskos, L [---] tas fils d'Aristis.

(Col. IV) Thaliarkhos fils d'Agasiklès, Sôgénès fils de Karnis, Neussos fils d'Aisis, Androkharis fils d'Exakis, Ankithos fils de Sôklès, Sôsippos fils de Lykos, Kallippos fils de Lysis, Iasôn fils de Khlidôn, Kallis fils de Polymnis, Euryphuès fils de Diôxippos, Haniokhos fils de Damalkès, Oiinos fils de Kartagoras.

(d) 7 lignes illisibles.

English translation

(a) [------]  

(b) [------]  

(c)(Col. I) Timasianax, son of Erxilas, Philotasios son of Euklaros, Kleuthemis son of Agathinos, Philon son of Damasanor, Akanthis son of Polymnis, Archamenes son of Amometos, Nikis son of Kallimachos, Aristarchos son of Agathos, Anaxippos son of Pheidippos, Melanippos son of Pratolas, Damis son of Euphranor.

(Col. II) Kleugenes son of Mnasarchos, Eurykleidas son of Lysanias, Hagesis son of Kydis, Alexis son of Philiskos, Arsitolochos son of Hagesippos, Gorgythos son of Potidaios, Andokos son of Agathinos, Philenguos son of Telon, Korinthios son of Moiristhenes, Alkimnastos son of Nikoteles, Dioxippos son of Philiskos, [So-and-so son of]  [---] ndros.

(Col. III) Paraibatas son of Bolagoras, Pherekles son of Apios, Philotasios son of Ainis, Damoteles son of Thesselos, Sostratos son of Deinis, Lysis son of Exakestas, Arsabas son of Xenis, Dipolis son of Telon, Diodoros son of Philetairos, [The]rsilas son of Kres, Exakestas son of Philiskos, L [---] tas son of Aristis.

(Col. IV) Thaliarchos son of Agasikles, Sogenes son of Karnis, Neussos son of Aisis, Androcharis son of Exakis, Ankithos son of Sokles, Sosippos son of Lykos, Kallippos son of Lysis, Iason son of Chlidon, Kallis son of Polymnis, Euryphues son of Dioxippos, Haniochos son of Damalkes, Oiinos son of Kartagoras.

(d) 7 illegible lines.

Italian translation

(a) [------]  

(b) [------]  

(c) (Col. I) Timasianax, figlio di Erxilas, Philotasios figlio di Euklaros, Kleuthemis figlio di Agathinos, Philon figlio di Damasanor, Akanthis figlio di Polymnis, Archamenes figlio di Amometos, Nikis figlio di Kallimachos, Aristarchos figlio di Agathos, Anaxippos figlio di Pheidippos, Melanippos figlio di Pratolas, Damis figlio di Euphranor.

(Col. II) Kleugenes figlio di Mnasarchos, Eurykleidas figlio di Lysanias, Hagesis figlio di Kydis, Alexis figlio di Philiskos, Arsitolochos figlio di Hagesippos, Gorgythos figlio di Potidaios, Andokos figlio di Agathinos, Philenguos figlio di Telon, Korinthios figlio di Moiristhenes, Alkimnastos figlio di Nikoteles, Dioxippos figlio di Philiskos, [il tale figlio di]  [---] ndros.

(Col. III) Paraibatas figlio di Bolagoras, Pherekles figlio di Apios, Philotasios figlio di Ainis, Damoteles figlio di Thesselos, Sostratos figlio di Deinis, Lysis figlio di Exakestas, Arsabas figlio di Xenis, Dipolis figlio di Telon, Diodoros figlio di Philetairos, [The]rsilas figlio di Kres, Exakestas figlio di Philiskos, L [---] tas figlio di Aristis.

(Col. IV) Thaliarchos figlio di Agasikles, Sogenes figlio di Karnis, Neussos figlio di Aisis, Androcharis figlio di Exakis, Ankithos figlio di Sokles, Sosippos figlio di Lykos, Kallippos figlio di Lysis, Iason figlio di Chlidon, Kallis figlio di Polymnis, Euryphues figlio di Dioxippos, Haniochos figlio di Damalkes, Oiinos figlio di Kartagoras.

(d) 7 linee illeggibili.


Lines 1 and 2 are very much worn out, but might contain the title of the list following on the main side. Conversely, the faint letters of the left side, here presented as textpart d) might well not be related to the rest.

Both the graphic system and the monument type differ from the other lists of military officers. Hence it is not sure that this list belongs to the series, as was thought by editor princeps and all commentators. Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , p. 244-245 has cautiously proposed that it might be a casualty list inspired by Attic fashion both in its layout and in the unique graphic system intermediate between archaic and classical mode.

The lettering is similar to the most ancient accounts of damiergoi, such as IGCyr011900 and IGCyr012000, whence the date proposed here.

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