Private honors and artist's signature


Trismegistos ID: 6104

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 86.


Fragment of a grey marble panel broken on top and at left, probably only chipped off at right (0.115; 0.16;0.06).


Inscribed on face: three (or more ?) columns of two lines each, then two lines on the whole width.


Lines 1 to 6: 0.02; line 7: 0.026; line 8: 0.011; slight serifs, sigma with parallel outer strokes.

Place of Origin



Second half of second century B.C.


Found before 1938 at Cyrene : exact findspot unrecorded.

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1979 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Fraser, 1958 , pp. 118-119, n. 11, pl. XIII, 11, whence SEG , 18.737; again Morelli, SECir , 259 (no image) as unpublished. Cf. Marengo, 1985 , whence SEG , 36.1461; Rosamilia, 2014 , n. 13.


section a
column i
[------]   [------]  
column ii
[------]   [------]  
column iii
5 [---] ιλέα [---] [ί]π̣πω
section b
[---]  [---] τω [---]  [ἐπ]οίησε. (vac.)


5 [---] ιλέα : Fraser, 1958  [---] η̣λέα : SECir , Rosamilia, 2014  [---] η̣λέα [---] 

6 [---] [ί]π̣πω : Fraser, 1958 , Rosamilia, 2014  [Εὐί?]π̣πω : SECir  [---] [ί]π̣πω [---] 

7 [---] τω : Fraser, 1958  [---] τῶ[ν] : SECir  [---] ΤΩ+ [---] 

French translation

[Un tel fils d'un tel, un tel fils d'un tel],  [---] ilea fille de  [---] ippos (ont consacré la statue d') [un tel fils de ]  [---] tos.

Oeuvre d'[un tel fils d'un tel et/ou de telle cité].

English translation

[So-and-so son of So-and-so, So-and-so son of So-and-so],  [---] ilea daughter of  [---] ippos (dedicated the statue of) [So-and-so son of]  [---] tos.

Made by [So-and-so son of So-and-so and/or from such city].

Italian translation

[Il tale figlio del tale, il tale figlio del tale],  [---] ilea figlia di  [---] ippos (hanno dedicato la statua del) [tale figlio di ]  [---] tos.

Opera [del tale figlio del tale e/o della tal città].


The most plausible restoration implies that there were three dedicants, whose father's name was written below (see for example IGCyr097900); however, if the artist was mentioned with name + father's name + ethnic, four dedicants are not impossible.

Anyhow there seems to be no text lost at right ( contra Morelli in SECir ).

Differently, in Fraser's view, lines 1 and 2 bore the names of two persons honoured by one single person whose name was written on line 3.

The first preserved letter at line 1 being an iota and not an eta, feminine names like Ἀκευσιλέα, Ἀναξιλέα or Κυδιλέα, all three already attested in Cyrenaica would be possible guesses.

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