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Trismegistos ID: 738496

Source Description


Grey marble base with attachment holes for four statues on top, two larger ones at both ends, two smaller ones in the middle, and also for attachment of other objects (2.15; 0.435;0.61).


Inscribed in four columns of two lines each and one more line on the full width; in each column, the space between letters fluctuates so that both lines have the same length; the four columns are not equally dispatched on the width of the face, but correspond to the placement of the statues, whereas line 9 stretches at equal distance of both ends


col. a and d 0.03, col. b and c and l. 9 0.025; carefully cut, slightly slanting sigma.

Place of Origin

Cyrene : East of the Greek Theatre , originally placed on top of the Pyramidal Monument looking like a stairway .


End of fourth or beginning of third century B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1932 by G. Oliverio at Cyrene : East of Greek Theatre .

Later recorded Location

Seen by G. Pugliese Caratelli in 1960 at Cyrene : 'in the Sanctuary of Apollo '.

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 2001 at the findspot.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


SECir , 126 (ph.) . Cf. Ensoli, 2010 , p. 132.


column a
Κλεύθεμις Στάσιος
column b
Κλεύθεμις Φιλεγγύω
column c
5Δάμων Χαρτάδα
column d
Στᾶσις Κλευθέμιος
Κλεύθεμις Στάσιος ἱαριτεύων ἀνέθηκε.


3 Κλεύθεμις : SECir  Κλεύθεμις (the surface has been chipped off since 1932, date of the find and photograph)

French translation

Kleuthémis fils de Stasis. Kleuthémis fils de Philengyos. Damôn fils de Khartadas. Stasis fils de Kleuthémis.

Kleuthémis fils de Stasis a consacré (ce monument) durant sa prêtrise.

English translation

Kleuthemis son of Stasis. Kleuthemis son of Philengyos. Damon son of Khartadas. Stasis son of Kleuthemis.

Kleuthemis fils de Stasis dedicated (this monument) while being priest.

Italian translation

Kleuthemis figlio di Stasis. Kleuthemis figlio di Philengyos. Damon figlio di Khartadas. Stasis figlio di Kleuthemis.

Kleuthemis figlio di Stasis ha dedicato (questo monumento) quando era sacerdote.


About the monument looking like a stairway, adjacent to East side of the theatre, on which this base stood, see Ensoli, 2010 .

The relation between the four names in the four columns is not clear. The first mentioned was probably the dedicant himself. Was the fourth one his father or his son? The second one might have been a cousin, bearing like him their grandfather's name. As for the third one, no link is suggested from the onomastics.

For a probable relation with a base near this one, see at IGCyr104600.

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