Public honors for an unknown person and artist's signature


Trismegistos ID: 738360

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 71.801 (American finds).


White medium-grained marble rectangular base with three dowel holes on top, two of them still containing metal tenons; damaged at all corners and a piece (0.10; 0.21;0.065) chiselled away at the lefthand front side; inscribed front side (0.75; 0.21;0.55) is chipped.


The stone was inscribed twice: only two lines of the former inscription (IGCyr077100) were kept, the upper section being erased and re-inscribed as ll. 1-3 of IRCyr C.447, during the first century B.C.; moreover the left rim of the whole was lost through ulterior chiselling.


Line 1 0.025, line 2 0.013; alpha with straight bar, wide upsilon, rho with very small loop, smaller omicron.

Place of Origin

Cyrene .


Probably first half of second century B.C. (lettering)


Found by D. White in 1971 at Cyrene : Enclosed sanctuary of Demeter and Kore , area D 12/13.

Last recorded Location

Seen by L. Gasperini in 1972 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum , Storeroom of the American excavations

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors and commentators (CDL).


White, 1972 , p. 185, whence SEG , 26.1825; Gasperini, 1985 , pp. 353-355, whence SEG , 35.1716 (= Gasperini, 2009 , pp. 175-177); Gasperini, 2010 , pp. 397-398, whence SEG , 60.1826;   Reynolds, 2012 , p. 195, n. A.19; Cf. Rosamilia, 2014 , n. 12.


- - - - - -〛 Κ̣υραναῖοι Ἄριστις Ταβαλβιος ἐπόησε.


1 Κ̣υραναῖοι : White, 1972  Κυραναῖοι : Gasperini, 1985  [Κ]υραναῖοι : Reynolds, 2012  (vac. 1) [Κ]υραναῖοι

2 (this line ascribed to the inscription of Roman time by J.M. Reynolds)

French translation

(La statue de) 〚- - - - - -〛 (a été érigée) par les Cyrénéens.

Oeuvre d'Aristis fils de Tabalbis.

English translation

(The statue of) 〚- - - - - -〛 (was set up) by the Cyrenaeans.

Made by Aristis son of Tabalbis.

Italian translation

(La statua di) 〚- - - - - -〛 (fu eretta) dai Cirenei.

Opera di Aristis figlio di Tabalbis.


All lines on this stone were edited as one and the same inscription by White, 1972 .

The artist's signature at l. 2 of our edition (= l. 5 of IRCyr C.447) was ascribed to the Hellenistic stage by Gasperini, 1985 , a point on which Reynolds was not quite convinced. This line, slightly differing in lettering and spacing from the other ones as it is usual in artist's signatures, could easily be associated with the rest when the whole was re-inscribed and when it became one line among the others. In the first use, the line with Κυραναῖοι was the last one of the main text, so that only the upper lines of the second inscription were cut in the slightly sunk area resulting of the erasure. The signature might of course have been cut into a vacat below at any time, but its lettering seems more similar to that of Κυραναῖοι than to the Roman dedication (so also Rosamilia, 2014 ).

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