List of names, probably priests of Apollo


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Source Description


Large marble block, probably re-cut from a large pillar and twice re-used later on, upper left angle of present block broken off (present dimensions corresponding to the first use 0.35; 0.23;0.97).


Inscribed at different periods on three different faces with IGCyr081800, IRCyr C.456 and IRCyr C.457; when IGCyr081800 was inscribed, the left hand edge was probably already damaged, so that ll. 6 and 7 had to be inset.


0.014-0.018; each line is cut in a different hand or at least on a different occasion; sigma with parallel outer strokes, alpha with straight bar, slight serifs.

Place of Origin

Cyrene .


First half of second century B.C. (prosopography)


Found in winter 1987-1988 at Cyrene : after heavy rains in the lower levels of the Western part of the Enclosed sanctuary of Demeter and Kore .

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editors.


Mohamed-Reynolds, 1994 , pp. 213-214, whence SEG , 44.1537; Habicht, 1996 and Dobias-Lalou, Bulletin Épigraphique , 1997.706), whence SEG , 46.2201; again Reynolds, 2012 , pp. 197-198 n. A.28/1. Cf. Dobias-Lalou, 2016 , p. 251.


[Καρν]ήδας Αἰγλάνορος [Ἁν]ίοχος (vac. 1) Ἀρχεδάμω [Α]ἰγλάνωρ Βακαλος [Π]ολιάνθης Καρτισθένευς (vac. 2 lines) 5Κ̣αλλίμαχος Ποσειδωνίω (vac. 2) Μνάσαρχος Εὐφράνορος (vac. 2) Ἐτέαρχος Κλέωνος (vac. 1 line)


1 [Καρν]ήδας : Mohamed-Reynolds, 1994  [Καρν?]ήδας

2 [Ἁν]ίοχος : Mohamed-Reynolds, 1994  [Ἁν?]ίοχος

French translation

[Karn]èdas fils d'Aiglanôr, [Han]iokhos fils d'Arkhedamos, [A]iglanôr fils de Bakal, [P]olianthès fils de Kartisthénès, Kallimakhos fils de Poseidônios, Mnasarkhos fils d'Euphranôr, Etearkhos fils de Kléôn.

English translation

[Karn]edas son of Aiglanor, [Han]iochos son of Archedamos, [A]iglanor son of Bakal, [P]olianthes son of Kartisthenes, Kallimachos son of Poseidonios, Mnasarchos son of Euphranor, Etearchos son of Kleon.

Italian translation

[Karn]edas figlio di Aiglanor, [Han]iochos figlio di Archedamos, [A]iglanor figlio di Bakal, [P]olianthes figlio di Kartisthenes, Kallimachos figlio di Poseidonios, Mnasarchos figlio di Euphranor, Etearchos figlio di Kleon.


Names at ll. 1 and 2 may be restored with certainty, because they are the only ones from the onomastic record fitting the space available and are both typical Cyrenaican names.

This list of names is very similar to later lists of priests, about which see for instance IRCyr C.394. For other possible instances of late Hellenistic date, see Dobias-Lalou, 2016 .

All names here are very common in high-rank families of Cyrene. Habicht, 1996 has convincingly pointed out that Carnedas son of Aiglanor (line 1) is plausibly the proxenos of Sparta mentioned in IG , VI.5 (about 188 B.C.). Whereas the Callimachos son of Poseidonios (line 5) whom he thinks might be a thearodochos of Delphi mentioned in Plassart, 1921 , p. 21, IV, l. 21, the identification remains uncertain, as his father's name is not mentioned there and his own name is a very common one at Cyrene.

The stone having been obviously re-cut, it is impossible to guess whether lines 1 and 7 are respectively the beginning or the end of the list. Moreover, the photograph seems to show some traces of erased letters below line 7, but this cannot be pushed ahead without direct examination.

It should be remembered that those lists are no annals and mention, one by one, in chronological order, only some of the eponymous priests, who were thought deserving that honour by a public authority, giving permission to cut their names on steles standing both in Apollo's sanctuary and on the agora.

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