Name (?)


Trismegistos ID: 738431

Source Description


Attic black-glazed ware lekanis; with lid of diameter 0.13.


Scratched under foot opposite IGCyr088000; to be read from the centre.


Height unknown.

Place of Origin



End of fifth to beginning of fourth century B.C.


Found between 1952 and 1954 at Euesperides : in a house of area A .

Present Location

Said to be already lost in 1998.

Text constituted from

Transcription from photograph (CDL).


Gill, 1998 (for the support).


Ἀγ α ο [---?] 


(No reading by first editor)

French translation

Agath [---]  (ou Aglo [---] ?).

English translation

Agath [---]  (or Aglo [---] ?).

Italian translation

Agath [---]  (o Aglo [---] ?).


Gill, 1998 mentioned the presence of some letters, which he did not read; he suggested either 'an abbreviated personal name, the name of the type of vessel, or perhaps a comercial mark of some description'.

From the photograph, C. Dobias-Lalou catches some letters, leading to personal names. The most probable would be a name in ἀγαθ-. However this object having been brought from abroad we cannot exclude a non-Cyrenaean name; with an omicron as fourth letter, we might have a Rhodian name in Ἀγλου-. As Gill writes it, the vase was photographed before having been thouroughly cleaned and it is impossible to decide whether the name was abbreviated or cut extensively.

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