Accounts of the damiergoi


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Source Description


Small fragment of white marble panel broken on all sides (0.158; 0.16;0.027).


Inscribed on the face.



Place of Origin



Fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1993 at Cyrene : agora .

Last recorded Location

Seen by G. Paci in 1993.

Text constituted from

Transcription from editor.


Paci in Marengo-Paci, 1998 , pp. 374-377 n. 1 (ph.; dr.), whence SEG , 48.2051; for general bibliography about the accounts of damiergoi, see IGCyr011400.


[Θεοί Δαμιεργέντων]  [c. 6 - 8] [c. 10] ΠΙ[c. 4]  [c. 9] ευς, τ[ῶ Ἀπ]- 5[όλλωνος ἱ]α̣ριτεύον[τος c. 8] τω Πολυτίμ̣[ω]. [Καρπὸς ἐτ]ιμάθη· : κρι[θαὶ ἀν c. 3] · [σπυ]ροὶ : ἀν 𐅝 · ὄ̣[σπρια ἀν c. 4] · [στ]αφὶς ἀν [c. 7]  10 [c. 4] · [σταφυλὰ] ψυ[θία ἔνδο]-[ς τᾶς προ]κ[λησίας ἀν c. 4] : - - - - - -


French translation

[Dieux. Etant démiurges Untel fils d'Untel, Untel fils d'Untel, Untel] fils de  [---] ès, étant prêtre d'Apollon  [---] tos fils de Polytimos, [la récolte] a été estimée: orge, [la mesure, tel prix]; froment, la mesure, 2 drachmes; légumes, [la mesure, tel prix]; raisin sec, la mesure, [tel prix; raisin] hâtif, [sous] garantie, [la mesure],  [---] .

English translation

[Gods. Being damiergoi So-and-so son of So-and-so, So-and-so son of So-and-so, So-and-so] son of  [---] es, being priest of Apollo  [---] tos son of Polytimos, [the crop] was estimated: barley, [per unit, so much]; wheat, per unit, 2 drachmas; pulse, [per unit, so much]; raisins, per unit, [so much; grapes], early, [under] guarantee, [per unit],  [---] .

Italian translation

[Dèi. Essendo damiurghi il tale figlio del tale, il tale figlio del tale, il tale] figlio di  [---] es, essendo sacerdote di Apollo  [---] tos figlio di Polytimos, [il raccolto] è stato valutato: orzo, [a tanto]; frumento, a 2 dracme; legumi, [a tanto]; uva passa, [a tanto; uva], primaticcia, garantita, [a]  [---] .

Arabic translation

[الآلهة. فترة كل من الداميرجوي فلان بن فلان وفلان بن فلان وفلان بن[..؟ ..] يس وكاهن أبوللو[..؟ ..] توس بن بوليتيموس،[المحصول] تم تقديره كالتالي: الشعير، [للمقدار الواحد، قيمة ما]؛ القمح، للمقدار الواحد، 2 دراخما؛ البقوليات، [للمقدار الواحد ، قيمة ما]؛ الزبيب، للمقدار الواحد، [قيمة ما؛ العنب]، المبكر، [مباع] بعقد مسبق، [للمقدار الواحد]، [..؟ ..].


The ending -τος is not sufficient to restore the priest's name at l. 6; several men named Polytimos are known for the fourth century B.C.

At line 4 the ending -ευς belongs to the father's name of the third damiergos, which should have a nominative in -ης. The length of this name cannot be determined because the line breaks do not coincide with word breaks.

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