Accounts of the damiergoi


Trismegistos ID: 738434

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, Storeroom of the Italian missions, A66E1a.


Small fragment of white marble block broken on all sides and behind (0.092; 0.10;0.021).


Inscribed on the face, quasi stoichedon.


0.011; alpha with low bar, xi without vertical hasta, smaller theta and omicron, slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Second half of fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1966 at Cyrene : agora, in the South-East angle of the Temple of Apollo Archegetes .

Last recorded Location

Seen by G. Paci in 1993 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum , Storeroom of the Italian missions .

Text constituted from

Transcription from editor.


Paci in Marengo-Paci, 1998 , pp. 388-392 n. 3 (ph.; dr.), whence SEG , 48.2053; for general bibliography about the accounts of damiergoi, see IGCyr011400.


- - - - - - [σταφυλὰ ψ]υ̣θία̣ [ἔνδος τᾶς προκλησίας]  [c. 2 - 4]· [ἔξος τᾶς προκλ]η̣σίας  [c. 2 - 4]· [σταφυλὰ] μέλαινα [ἔνδος τᾶς προκλησίας] Π̣· ἔξος [τᾶς προκλησίας]  [c. 2 - 4] [c. 14]  𐅝 Ζ · κάρ[φη ἥμερα ἁ ἅμαξα]  [c. 2 - 4]· 5[ἄγρια ἁ ἅμα]ξα 𐅠 [c. 23]  [c. 10]  𐅠 𐅝̣ [c. 24]  - - - - - -


French translation

 [---] ; raisin hâtif [sous garantie, tant]; hors gar[antie, tant; raisin noir sous garantie], 5 drachmes; hors [garantie, tant; tel produit], 3 drachmes; foin [cultivé, la charretée, tant; sauvage, la] charretée, 4 drachmes; [tel produit], 6 drachmes;  [---] .

English translation

 [---] ; grapes, early, [under guarantee, so much]; without guar[antee, so much; grapes, black under guarantee], 5 drachmas; without [guarantee, so much; such product], 3 drachmas; hay, [cultivated per cartload, so much; selvatico, per] cartload, 4 drachmas; [such product] 6 drachmas;  [---] .

Italian translation

 [---] ; uva, primaticcia [garantita, tanto]; non gar[antita, tanto; uva, nera garantita], 5 dracme; non [garantita, tanto; il tale prodotto], 3 dracme; fieno, [coltivato per carro, tanto; wild, per] carro, 4 dracme; [il tale prodotto] 6 dracme;  [---] .

Arabic translation

[---]؛ العنب، المبكر، [مباع بعقد مسبق ، قيمة ما]؛ غير مباع بعقد [مسبق، قيمة ما؛ العنب، الأسود المباع بعقد مسبق]، 5 دراخما؛ غير مباع بعقد [مسبق، قيمة ما؛ منتج غير معلوم]، 3 دراخما. التبن، [المزروع، لكل حمولة عربة، قيمة ما؛ التبن البري، لكل] حمولة عربة، 4 دراخما؛ [منتج غير معلوم] 6 دراخما. [---].


Paci in Marengo-Paci, 1998 , pp. 388-392 n. 3, pointed at similiarities of lettering and layout with IGCyr013000, but rightly restrained from assembling both inscriptions.

At line 3 the price of grapes is given with the acrophonic pi for πέντε usual in Attica and not with the local numeral. For a similar exception, see IGCyr011800, line 9.

The gap at the beginning of line 4 should host a product which it is hazardous to restore.

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