Dedication (tithe?)


Trismegistos ID: 738467

Source Description


One out of at least three marble blocks forming a large base (blocks i and iii lost) (0.60; 0.26; -).


Inscribed in several columns on two lines and on the whole width at line 3.


Lines 1 and 2:0.018; line 3:0.03; non slanting sigma, slight serifs.

Place of Origin

Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo .


Second half of third or first half of second century B.C.


Found by G. Oliverio in 1925 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo , re-used in a wall of the third Temple of Apollo , to the South of the thesauron.

Present Location

Seems to be lost at least since 1960.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor.


Oliverio, 1927 , p. 157 (mention of find); Oliverio, Taccuini inediti , XI.13, whence SECir , 39 (drawing).


column a
[---]  [---] 
column b
Πτολεμαῖος Ἀδμ⸢ή⸣ τω Ἀνδροσθένη<ς> Ξούθω

column c
Πτολεμ[αῖος ---]  Πτολεμ[αῖος ---] 


b.1 Ἀδμ⸢ή⸣ τω : SECir  Ἀδμέτω (Oliverio's drawing)

b.2 Ἀνδροσθένη<ς> : SECir  Ἀνδροσθένης (ΑΝΔΡΟΣθΕΝΗ on Oliverio's drawing)

3 [Ἀπό]λλω[νι] : SECir  [Ἀπό]λλω[νι δεκάταν] : SECir  [Ἀπό]λλω[νι ἀνέθηκαν]

French translation

[Untel fils d'Untel, Untel fils d'Untel],

Ptolémaios fils d'Admètos, Androsthénès fils de Xouthos,

Ptolem[aios fils d'Untel], Ptolem[aios fils d'Untel]

(ont consacré ce monument) [à Apo]llon.

English translation

[So-and-so son of So-and-so, So-and-so son of So-and-so],

Ptolemaios son of Admetos, Androsthenes son of Xouthos,

Ptolem[aios son of So-and-so], Ptolem[aios son of So-and-so]

(dedicated this monument) [to Apo]llo.

Italian translation

[Il tale figlio del tale, il tale figlio del tale],

Ptolemaios figlio di Admetos, Androsthenes figlio di Xouthos,

Ptolem[aios figlio del tale], Ptolem[aios figlio del tale]

(hanno dedicato questo monumento) [ad Apo]llo.


This inscription is known only from Oliverio's mention and sketchbook with a drawing of the only found block.

At lines b.1 and b.2, it is not clear whether the two errors are Oliverio's or the stonecutter's.

At line b2, Oliverio's copy might also be right and the second name would be and accusative of the person whose statue was erected. But such a layout with the names in a small lettering would be surprising, as much as the multiplicity of honoured persons that this would induce. So we prefer to drop that possiblity.

At line 3, Oliverio's restorations are too long, unless at least one more couple of dedicants (hence a fourth column) stood at right.

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