Trismegistos ID: 738505

Source Description


White marble base broken off at right, with a large circular hole on top (0.31; 0.214;0.455).


Inscribed in two lines on front face.


0.03; careful letters without serifs, symmetrical nu slightly thickened at end of strokes, delta slightly smaller.

Place of Origin



Second half of fourth or first half of third century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1960 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo , West of the Strategeion .

Later recorded Location

Seen in 1960 by Pugliese Carratelli at findspot.

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1977 at findspot.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


SECir , 137 (no image).


Νικα γ [........]  δεκά[ταν ἀνέθηκε] (vac. 3 lines)


Νικα γ [........]  : SECir  Νικαι̣[---]  || δεκά[ταν ἀνέθηκε] : SECir  δεκά[ταν]

French translation

Nika [---]  [a consacré] (ce monument) au titre de la dîme.

English translation

Nica [---]  [dedicated] (this monument) as a tithe.

Italian translation

Nika [---]  [ha dedicato] (questo monumento) come decima.


A reduced formula τῶ δεῖνος δεκάτα would be conceivable, but is never attested. With the nominative we only have the type δεκάτα τὠπόλλωνος scratched on sherds. So it is preferable, on a support like this one, to restore a formula with verb + accusative, which furthermore provides space for name and father's name at line 1.

Before the break there remains only a tiny lower part of a hasta. There are a lot of possibilities for the restoration of the first name with the three possible letters that we have selected amongst more numerous ones which would have given no plausible result.

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