Probably sacred law


Trismegistos ID: 738518

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 356.


Lower right angle of a limestone stele, broken off above, at left and below (0.211; 0.23;0.13).


Inscribed on front face.


0.01; slight serifs, dotted theta, slightly smaller omicron, slanting sigma, calice-shaped upsilon.

Place of Origin



Second half of third century B.C.


Found by G. Oliverio before 1935 at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo , near the Wall of Nicodamos .

Later recorded Location

Seen by G. Pugliese Carratelli in 1960 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1976 at the same place.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, Taccuini inediti III.35, whence SECir , 157 (photo).


- - - - - - [---] Κ̣ΑΙΛΕ α  [- max.4 -]  [---]  ι οὐδ᾿ἐνιαυτό[ν ---] [ἐν τᾶ]ι πρατομηνία̣[ι ---] [τ?]οὶ δέκατοι (vac. 2) 5 [---] Λ̣ΕΕΣ οὐ λᾶμμα [---] τᾶν οἱ τένται. ( vac. )


1 [---] Κ̣ΑΙΛΕ α  [- max.4 -]  : SECir  [---]  +ΚΑΙΛΕ [- max.4 -] 

2 ι οὐδ᾿ἐνιαυτό[ν] : SECir  +ου δ᾿ἐνιαυτο[---] 

3 [ἐν τᾶ]ι πρατομηνία̣[ι] : SECir  +πρατομη̣νία̣[---] 

5 οὐ λᾶμμα : SECir  οὐδ̣' ἅμμα : SECir  οὐ λ̣ᾶμμα (the latter would mean 'vitta', i.e. 'sacred bandage')

6 [---] τᾶν οἱ τένται : (or) [---] τᾶν οἳ τένται : SECir  +ανοι τένται

French translation

Intraduisible (voir commentaire).

English translation

Not usefully translatable (see commentary).

Italian translation

Intraducibile (vedi commento).

Arabic translation

غير قابل للترجمة بشكل جيد


In this very lacunar text, some elements point to the religious practice of the tithe: men owing a tithe (δεκατοί), profits (λᾶμμα) on which the amount of the tithe might be based. However the whole is very unclear.

At line 6 ΟΙ is probably the dative of the pronoun of 3sg. Anyhow, it should not be, as Pugliese Carratelli proposed, the relative at the nominative plural masculine, as the verb 'to be', here at the future, has the 3d person singular. As we do not know how much is lost of each line, it is impossible to restore the meaning further on.

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