Dedication to Hekate and Aphrodite


Trismegistos ID: 738542

Source Description


Limestone altar with three compartments, chipped off at many places (0.78; 0.26;0.52; left compartment 0.17;0.42, middle compartment 0.2;0.42, right compartment 0.17;0.42).


Inscribed on front face in correspondence with each compartment.


0.025; deeply cut and not very well aligned letters; small delta and omicron.

Place of Origin



Perhaps fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found in 1933 by G. Oliverio at Cyrene : Sanctuary of Apollo, near the Wall of Nicodamos .

Later recorded Location

Seen by D. Morelli in 1960 in situ.

Last recorded Location

Observed in situ by C. Dobias-Lalou. Observed again in 2010, more decayed than in 1983.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Morelli, in SECir , 220 (no image).


 [c. 4 - 6] ++ (vac. 2) Ἑκάτα (vac. 2) Ἀ̣φροδ[ίτα]


1  [c. 4 - 6] ++ : SECir  (nothing was read by Morelli here) || Ἑκάτα : SECir  Ἑκ̣άτα || Ἀ̣φροδ[ίτα] : SECir  Ἀφροδί[τα]

French translation

(Telle divinité), Hécate, Aphrodite.

English translation

(Such-and-such deity), Hekate, Aphrodite.

Italian translation

(La tal divinità), Ecate, Afrodite.


The block was probably in a better condition in 1960 when Morelli observed it, than in 1983; and since 1983 its condition has become worse.

Most such altars have the genitive of the god's name, mentioning him (or her) as the owner of the altar. However there are a few instances of the nominative (so IGCyr102920), which we do also entitle 'dedication' for the sake of unity of the series. On the other hand, on behalf of the very poor condition of the surface it is not quite impossible that the names were originally at the genitive, with both final sigmas already lost in 1960.

Morelli wrote that he had seen this stone at the 'agorà degli dei'. In spite a similarities between both places, that denomination is more usual for the space West of the Strategeion and we suspect an error of his.

About the clearance of the area and the discovery of the group of altars (IGCyr102800, IGCyr102900, IGCyr103200, IGCyr103300, IGCyr103400, IGCyr103430) see now Luni, 2014 , p. 141.

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