Dedication to Apollo


Trismegistos ID: 738569

Source Description


Cyrene Museum, 42.


White marble circular base, slightly slantering, with a hollow (diameter 0.07) on top, which is partly broken off opposite the inscribed section (height 0.205; diameter 0.15-0.17).


Inscribed in three lines on the vertical surface (0.15; 0.065; -), at 0.04 from the upper edge; all three lines are aligned at left.


0.015; with serifs; theta with central short bar, strokes of lambda and mu slightly curved, smaller omicron, widely open upsilon, phi with oval small loop.

Place of Origin



Probably second century B.C. (lettering)


Found before World War II at Cyrene : exact findspot unrecorded.

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou in 1979 and again 1993 in Shahat : Cyrene Museum .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Morelli in SECir , 253 (no image).


Φιλάμμων Θευλύτου Ἀπόλλωνι


French translation

Philammôn fils de Theulytos (a consacré ce monument) à Apollon.

English translation

Philammon son of Theulytos (dedicated this monument) to Apollo.

Italian translation

Philammon figlio di Theulytos (ha dedicato questo monumento) ad Apollo.


Such an inventory number belongs to pre-war finds rearranged after World-War II in the new epigraphical storeroom under the direction of Goodchild. The inventory number (3489) given by Morelli should be a more ancient one no longer in use (or might alternatively be the number of an ancient photograph in the Department of Antiquities archive).

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