Tithe for Apollo


Trismegistos ID: 738595

Source Description


Fragmentary Attic black-glazed ware cup, probably bolsal on Maffre's opinion (dimensions unknown).


Scratched under foot on the outer black band, to be read from the centre.


Height unknown; smaller delta, omicron and omega, oblique nu.

Place of Origin



Probably first half of fourth century B.C.


Found by S. Stucchi in 1963 at Cyrene : agora , west side, in a sounding inside the Temple of Apollo Archegetes (initially called temple of Demeter).

Last recorded Location

Seen by L. Gasperini in 1963 in Shahat : in the Storeroom of the Italian missions .

Present Location

Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor.


Gasperini, 1967 , p. 167, n. 10, fig. 194 (= Gasperini, 2008 , p. 79, n. 10, fig. 10). Cf. Stucchi, 1967 , pp. 143-145; Laronde, 1987 , p. 169, footnote 13; Purcaro, 2001 , p. 31; Maffre, 2007 , n. 26.


( vac. ) Δεκάταν τὠπό[λλωνι ---?] 


French translation

Dîme consacrée à Apollon [par?]  [---] .

English translation

Tithe dedicated to Apollo [by?]  [---] .

Italian translation

Decima dedicata ad Apollo [da?]  [---] .


For a parallel with the accusative δεκάταν and the dative of the god's name with the subaudible verb ἀνέθηκε and no dedicant's name, see IGCyr030200 and probably also IGCyr006400 and IGCyr107800.

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