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Source Description


Limestone base made out of two isodomic blocks with mouldings above and below and on top holes for four statues, placed along the back wall of a monumental naiskos (2.67; 0.29;0.595).


Inscribed on front face (high 0.13) between the mouldings: (a) beginning at 0.26 of left end, (b) at 0.49 of (a), (c) at 0.24 of (b), (d) at 0.21 of (c) and ending at 0.09 from right end, the whole in correspondance with the four places for statues.



Place of Origin



Last third of fourth century B.C. (lettering, prosopography)


Excavated by L. Pernier in 1925 and again 1934 at Cyrene : naiskos of the Carneadae .

Last recorded Location

Seen in situ by Dobias-Lalou in 2001.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


From Pernier, Taccuini inediti , 1936, p. 173, Catani, 2007 , pp. 106-111 (ph.; dr.), and Dobias-Lalou, Bulletin Épigraphique , 2008.604, whence SEG , 57.2029.

Cf. Dobias-Lalou, 2010 , whence SEG , 60.1828.


text a
Καρνήδας ᾿Ιάσιος
text b
Ἴασις Καρνήδα
text c
Ἴταγος Καρνήδα
text d
Κριὸς Καρνήδα


French translation

Karnèdas fils d'Iasis, Iasis fils de Karnèdas, Itagos fils de Karnèdas, Krios fils de Karnèdas.

English translation

Karnedas son of Iasis, Iasis son of Karnedas, Itagos son of Karnedas, Krios son of Karnedas.

Italian translation

Karnedas figlio di Iasis, Iasis figlio di Karnedas, Itagos figlio di Karnedas, Krios figlio di Karnedas.


For this monument, once erroneously called Offertory of the Mnesarchi (e.g. Goodchild, 1971 , p. 123), see now Valentini, 1996 . The inscriptions were published by Catani from Pernier's archive; for other information from the same provenance, see also Bartolini, 2014 , pp. 173-174.

Since the present inscription contains only four names at the nominative case in correspondance with four statues, the monument is undoubtedly honorific; standing in the sanctuary, it was dedicated to Apollo and this might have been mentioned in another inscription cut on a lost part of the naiskos.

The names Itagos and Krios were explained by Dobias-Lalou, 2010 .

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