Dedication of a fountain


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Source Description


Five fragments belonging to three blocks out of six, forming the architrave of the colonnade of a monumental fountain: block 1 and 4 are lost; fragment a belongs to block 2; fragments b and c are joining and belong to block 3; fragment d belongs to block 4; fragment e is block 6. The smooth architrave, in Doric style, was surmounted by a drip edge end fascia (approximate dimensions of block 6: 1.65; 0.37; -).


Inscribed in one line on top of the face.


Estimated 0.08; careful lettering, slanting sigma.

Place of Origin



Ca. 335 B.C. (prosopography, lettering)


The building was discovered by L. Pernier in 1923, excavated and reconstructed by S. Ensoli between 1988 and 1992 at Cyrene , in the Sanctuary of Apollo, as Fountain of Philothales .

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou many times since 1993, in situ.

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Ensoli Vittozzi, 1996 , pp. 81-84 (excavations of the building and mention of the inscription), whence SEG , 46.2208; a thorough publication by S. Ensoli for the architecture and G. Paci for the inscription is still awaited.


| (vac. 1.65 metre) | (vac. 0.52 metre) Φι[λοθά] | λη[ς] Ἰάσονο | ς ἱαριτεύ[ων] | [---] [1.65 metre] | (vac.)


1 Ensoli Vittozzi, 1996  ἱαριτεύ[ων] : ἱαριτεύ[σας]? (also possible)

French translation

Philothalès fils d'Iasôn [a consacré?] durant sa prêtrise.

English translation

Philothales son of Iason [dedicated?] while being priest.

Italian translation

Philothales figlio di Iason [ha dedicato?] quando era sacerdote.


Some details are given here from the features that any visitor to the site might observe. The final publication should be more complete.

For block 5, long 1.65 metre, C. Dobias-Lalou suggests to restore either ἀνέθηκε or Ἀπόλλωνι

As noted by Ensoli, Philothales son of Iason is the priest on duty in IGCyr011400. He is also mentioned in a fragmentary list of priests (IGCyr094800).

About the first clearance of the Isieion, see Luni, 2014 , p. 64 and about the discovery of the inscription Bartolini, 2014 , pp. 111, 115.

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