Accounts of the damiergoi


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Source Description


Cyrene Museum, inv. number unknown.


Rectangular white marble block, inscribed on three sides, bearing IGCyr011400and IGCyr011500 on the right side, IGCyr011600 on the opposite side and IGCyr011800 on the same side below (0.565; 0.775;0.59); surface badly worn out on that portion.


Inscribed on top of the face.



Place of Origin



335 B.C. (lettering, context)


Found in 1929 at Cyrene : agora, Temple of Apollo Archegetes (at the time known as temple of Demeter).

Last recorded Location

Seen by C. Dobias-Lalou on June 1st, 1982, stored inside Strategeion .

Text constituted from

Transcription from stone (CDL).


Oliverio, 1932-1933 , p. 89, n. 13 (ph.), whence SEG , 9.14; for general bibliography on the accounts of the damiergoi see IGCyr011400.


[Θεοί]. [---] Ω [---] ΧΙ [---] ΟΣ Χ 5 [---] [Καρπὸς ἐτι]μάθη· [κριθαὶ]  [c. 1 - 4 σπυροὶ]  [c. 1 - 5] , ὄσπρ-[ια]  [c. 3 - 5], [κάρφη ἥμερα]  [c. 1 - 3], ἄγ[]ρ̣ι̣-..] , [ ἀχύρων ῥῖπος 𐅠] 𐅝, στα-[φυλὰ ψυθία ἔνδος τᾶς] πρ- 10[οκλησίας]  [c. 1 - 2], [μέλ]αι[να 𐅠], ἔ̣ξ-[ος τᾶς προκλησίας ψυ]θία  [c. 1 - 4], [μέλαινα]  [c. 1 - 5], [σῦκα]  [c. 1 - 4], σταφὶς > > > >̣, ἐλ[αι..]   [c. 1 - 4] . [Τὸ πὰ]-ν (vac. 1) ἐσιὸν̣ [μ(ναῖ)] 𐅠 𐅝 Ζ > > > Χ Χ [𐅠] 𐅠 𐅠, 15[ἐξιὸν c. 4]  [μ(ναῖ)] 𐅠 Ζ̣ – Χ Χ 𐅠 > >, [λοιπὸν c. 7]  [𐅠] 𐅝 Ζ > > > [---]  . [Παρόρε]γμα [δαμιεργοῖς μ(ναῖ) – –] –


13 ἐλ[αι..]   [c. 1 - 4] : Oliverio, 1932-1933  ἐλ[αῖαι ---]  [ἐλαῖον ---]  (such a restoration would be too long)

French translation

[Dieux. Prêtre d'Apollon un tel, démiurges un tel, un tel, un tel.]. La récolte a été estimée: [orge, tant ; froment, tant]; légumes, [tant; foin cultivé, tant]; sauvage, [tant; paille, le filet], 6 drachmes; raisin hâtif sous garantie, [tant]; noir 4 drachmes; hors garantie, hâtif, [tant]; noir [tant]; raisins secs, 4 oboles; [olives (ou huile), tant]. Recettes totales: 380 mines 52 drachmes. [Dépenses]:  [---]  (i.e. au moins) 251 mines 44 drachmes 2 oboles. [Reste]:  [---]  (i.e. au moins) 7 drachmes 3 oboles. Indemnité pour les démiurges: 3 mines.

English translation

[Gods. Priest of Apollo So-and-so, damiergoi So-and-so, So-and-so, So-and-so.]. The crops were estimated: [barley, so much; wheat, so much]; pulse, [so much; cultivated hay, so much]; wild, [so much; straw, one net], 6 drachmas; grapes: early, under guarantee, [so much]; black 4 drachmas; without guarantee, early, [so much]; black [so much]; raisins, 4 obols; [olives (or oil), so much]. Total income: 380 mines 52 drachmas. [Expense]:  [---]  (i.e. at least) 251 mines 44 drachmes 2 obols. [Remainder]:  [---]  (i.e. at least) 7 drachmes 3 obols. Allowance for the damiergoi: 3 mines.

Italian translation

[Dèi. Sacerdote di Apollo il tale, damiurghi il tale, il tale, il tale.]. Il raccolto è stato valutato: [orzo, tanto; grano, tanto]; legumi, [tanto; fieno coltivato, tanto]; selvatico, [tanto; paglia, per rete], 6 dracme; uva primaticcia scelta, [tanto]; nera 4 dracme; non scelta, primaticcia, [tanto]; nera [tanto]; uva passa, 4 oboli; [olive (o olio), tanto]. Totale entrate: 380 mine 52 dracme. [Uscite]:  [---]  (i.e. almeno) 251 mine 44 dracme 2 oboli. [Resto]:  [---]  (i.e. almeno) 7 dracme 3 oboli. Retribuzione per i damiurghi 3 mine.

Arabic translation

[الآلهة. في فترة كاهن أبولو فلان، وكل من الداميرجوي فلان وفلان وفلان.]، المحاصيل تم تقديرها كالتالي: [الشعير، سعر ما لمقدار ما؛ القمح، سعر ما لمقدار ما]؛ البقوليات، [سعر ما لمقدار ما ؛ التبن المزروع، سعر ما لمقدار ما]. التبن البري، [سعر ما لمقدار ما ؛ القش (الناتج عن درس الحبوب)، للشبكة واحدة]، 6 دراخما؛ العنب: (مباع بعقد مسبق) المبكر، [سعر ما لمقدار ما]. الأسود 4 دراخما للمقدار الواحد؛ عنب (غير مباع بعقد مسبق)، المبكر، [سعر ما لمقدار ما]؛ الأسود [سعر ما لمقدار ما]؛ الزبيب، 4 أوبول؛ [الزيتون (أو الزيت)، سعر ما لمقدار ما]. إجمالي الدخل: 380 ميناي 52 دراخما. [النفقات]: [---] (على الأقل) 251 ميناي 44 دراخما و2 أوبول. [المتبقي]: [---] (على الأقل) 7 دراخما 3 أوبول. و3 ميناي تُعطى للداميورجوي


This account is in very poor condition and restorations are based on the series of similar documents.

In the lost part from line 2 (or even part of 1) to 5, there should have been the names of three damiergoi and of the priest.

In this account, like in IGCyr011800, there is no distributive adverb ἀν before each unitary value (as shown at l. 13).

At line 13, there is no space for both olives and oil, as mentioned in other accounts. Because of the lacuna, it is impossible to choose between them.

Numbers of expense and remainder are partially lost. As what is preserved of the remainder is very low, it would be hazardous to restore the expense.

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