Dedication to the Eumenides and to the Heroes


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Source Description


Probably an altar, perhaps inside a niche, cut in the rock (dimensions unknown).


Inscribed in two lines.


Height unknown; regularly cut, slantering mu and sigma.

Place of Origin



Perhaps first half of third century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1923 at Cyrene : Ain Hofra .

Present Location

Not found by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor.


Ferri, 1923 , n. 20, whence SEG , 9.336; Dobias-Lalou, 2000 , p. 93, whence SEG , 50.1637. Cf. Forbes, 1956 , whence SEG , 16.872; Lazzarini, 1998 , p. 312. .


Δημητρίου ἴδιος, Εὐμενίδων, Ἡρώων.


1 Dobias-Lalou, 2000  ἴδιος ('altare privato', Ferri) : SEG , Lazzarini, 1998  Διός

French translation

(Autel) des Euménides et des Héros, appartenant en propre à Démétrios.

English translation

(Altar) of the Eumenides and of the Heroes, the own property of Demetrios.

Italian translation

(Altare) delle Eumenidi e degli Eroi, proprietà di Demetrios.


SEG , 9.336 wrongly dates the inscription to the fifth century B.C.; Forbes, 1956 rightly pointed that the lettering is rather of the third century B.C. The use of the koine in the name of the owner leads C. Dobias-Lalou to the same conclusion, more precisely in the first half of the century in view of the shapes of mu and sigma.

Ferri's drawing is very clear and the adjective ἴδιος is sure (for a similar use, see IGCyr007000). This formulation gives a clear confirmation of the meaning of personal names engraved beside divine names on or near the other altars of the area (IGCyr031100, IGCyr031300, IGCyr031400) and in other places.

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