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Probably an altar cut in the rock, perhaps inside a niche (dimensions unknown).


Inscribed on the rock in two lines.


Dimensions of the letters unknown; not well aligned letters, owing to the irregular surface; dissymmetrical nu.

Place of Origin



Perhaps fourth century B.C. (lettering)


Found before 1923 at Cyrene : Ain Hofra .

Present Location

Not found.

Text constituted from

Transcription from previous editor (CDL).


Ferri, 1923 , n. 18, whence SEG , 9.344. Cf. Forbes, 1956 , whence SEG , 16.872.


[Κλε]υ̣γένευ[ς Σ]π[ο]νδάρχω.


1 Fraser-Matthews, 1987  [Κλε]υ̣γένευ[ς] (p. 263, Reynolds' reading) : Ferri, 1923  [Ε]ὐ̣γένευ[ς]

French translation

(Autel) appartenant à Kleugénès fils de Spondarkhos (ou: à Kleugénès et Spondarkhos).

English translation

(Altar) belonging to Kleugenes son of Spondarchos (or :to Kleugenes and Spondarchos).

Italian translation

(Altare) appartenente a Kleugenes figlio di Spondarchos (o: a Kleugenes e Spondarchos).


The support is supposed to be an altar because the inscription was copied by Ferri amongst a series (see IGCyr030900 and following). In that series personal names followed by father's names are rare, so that there is also a possibility that two different men were here mentioned with only their own names.

Σπονδάρχω is most probably a personal name (also attested in IGCyr097100, fragment a, l. 15); Ferri also favoured this hypothesis, although no parallel existed yet for the name. Hondius at SEG , 9.344, preferred a name of religious office, which is hitherto not attested in Cyrenaica and rather not plausible in an area of personal and no civic cults.

Kleugenes, restored by Reynolds, is a better guess than Ferri's Eugenes, the latter being isolated in Cyrenaica, whereas the former is most common.

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